The Complete Guide To Home Security [Infographic]

Whether you own a property or just rent it, the thought of a home invasion remains equally terrifying. According to government statistics, approximately one out of every 40 Australian houses will be burgled this year. That's pretty goddamn sobering. Thankfully, there are various measures you can take to vastly decrease the odds of your home being broken into. This infographic includes a breakdown of Australian burglary statistics and the most effective techniques to ward against invasion.

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The infographic below comes from window shutter supplier Bass Windows and is based on a range of mostly government sources. As it explains, the simple act of keeping your indoor lights on can decrease the odds of getting burgled by as much as 20 per cent. Interestingly, the biggest deterrent of all isn't a state-of-the-art alarm system or Fort Knox-style window shutters, but a noisy dog. For more crime facts and security solutions, check out the full infographic below.

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[Via Bass Windows]


    Joke's on them, I never mow my yard. That'll confuse them!

    I think they should re-make the pie charts with more contrasting colours.
    Also a lot of it is common sense, they're more likely to break in via a ground level door/window than one on higher floors, and they're more likely to go for one that's already open than having to force it.
    It'd be good to see what the overlap between removing flyscreen and open door/window is though.

    Heres a valuable lesson I learned on Monday after my home was burgled - keep proof of purchase with the serial numbers/descriptions somewhere safe. This is a requirement for making a claim through your insurance. Receipts are obviously the best form, but photographs, bank statements showing purchase, even warranty cards and manuals can be accepted if you no longer have the receipt.

    It's so scary how common robberies are nowadays! I'm gonna be extra freaked about telesales guys when they knock on the door! T-Rex burger is obviously not the brightest if he can't understand the pie chart!lol, Great article guys, I personally love the colors on the graphic.

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