More People ‘Chuck A Sickie’ After Australia Day Than Any Other Public Holiday

More People ‘Chuck A Sickie’ After Australia Day Than Any Other Public Holiday

Tomorrow is Australia Day and employers should expect a wave of phone calls on January 27 from workers wanting to take a sick day. A survey has found that the most common day for people to “chuck a sickie” is the day after Australia Day.

Woman calling in sick image from Shutterstock surveyed over 2000 Australians and found 16 per cent of respondents have feigned illness to avoid work after Australia Day. This is followed by Anzac Day and Melbourne Cup day, both of which had 10 per cent of employees admit to calling in sick the next morning.

Apparently 84 per cent of workers surveyed claimed they have never taken sick leave after Australia Day (I’m calling bullshit). The survey also showed men are more likely to chuck a sickie (17 per cent) compared to women (14 per cent), but only marginally.

If you’re an employer, it’s probably wise to make plans to cover staff that may take sick leave after a big Australia Day celebration.

With all that said, have a great Australia Day, everybody!


  • today in my office of 200 people, probably about 60% to 70% of people arent here. just taking annual leave days – no need for sickies. even the mangers are doing it.

  • What could be more Australian than chucking a sickie, besides the phrase “chuck a sickie”? It is merely an extension of the Aus day celebration.

  • Why even call it Australia Day. Should call it “let’s get stupid drunk and do stupid shit and clog up the hospitals A&E day”

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