Microsoft Is Recalling Surface Pro Power Cables Due To Overheating

Microsoft is doing a voluntary recall on the power cords for its Surface Pro tablet range due to an issue with the cable that causes the power supply to overheat, which can pose a fire hazard. Hundreds and thousands of Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro 3 users could be affected. Here's what Microsoft has to say about the issue.

The first Surface Pro was launched in 2012 and was met with a lukewarm reception. But the tablet gained traction among business professionals and soon rose in popularity, spawning the Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3 and, most recently the Surface Pro 4 (which we reviewed last year). The Surface Pro 4 power cord is not affected by the recall.

According to a statement from Microsoft:

"As a result of damage caused by AC power cords being wound too tightly, twisted or pinched over an extended period of time, a very small proportion of Surface Pro customers have reported issues with their AC power cord. We will be releasing details of how customers can obtain a free replacement cable shortly."

A website will be launched on Friday for Surface Pro series customers to order a replacement power cable. Stay tuned for more news on this.


    Way to freak me out... Pictured is a Surface Pro 4 (no Windows icon on the bezel) which made me think mine would be affected to... But then article says SP$ power cord is fine. Phew! Still, came across a bit misleading when using that image.

      Sorry about the confusion, mate. Have changed image to Surface Pro 3!



    I had to have my Surface Pro 2 power cable replaced over a year ago because it was sparking since the insulation on the cable split open and the two wires were touching 0_o. I wonder if the replacement cable also needs to be replaced!

    My SP2 power brick went 'pop' and stopped charging about six months ago, they sent me a replacement no problems. The current one is working fine except my bird decided. "This power cord, I think it should be *my* power cord" and tore a big strip off the exterior insulation.

      Tech tip #44345 - Keep your uncaged bird away from expensive electronic equipment.

      Tech tip #44346 - Keep your expensive electronic equipment out of bird cages.

        So *that's* what I've been doing wrong!

        So... *out* of the cage, you say? Huh... Well, I guess that makes sense...

    Any update on this?

    From the looks of it, Australian powercords might not be involved. Well, mine isn't at least based on the drawings.

    The faulty American ones have no strain relief on the cable at the powerbrick side. I can't see a power cord without strain relief ever getting certification here.

    Check here though:

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