Make Your Own 'USB Condom' For Added Security When Charging From Untrusted USB Ports

Video: When you need a quick charge of your phone or other device, it's easy to just connect it into any old untrusted computer or public charging station. The chance of malicious data getting through to your phone is pretty slim, but it still exists. Over on Node, they show off a way to make sure only power can get through the USB port. You'll essentially be disassembling a couple of different USB plugs and then reassembling them together to create a connection that blocks data transfers but allows powering. You'll need some light soldering skills, but otherwise it's a simple project to make for yourself. It's probably not a necessity for most of us, but it's a fun little thing to make either way.

How to Create a Tiny USB Condom [Node]


    That guide really needs some step by step images.

    That only protects against prevents pregnancy (unwanted data injection)

    I'd prefer a one that lets me optionally transfer data but protects against:

    DFIs (device firmware infections -

    and has ability to withstand excess power ( )

    Maybe my USB knowledge is out of date, but wouldn't this restrict you to 100mA slow charging? Last I checked, USB limits power until a handshaking process successfully negotiates delivery of higher power. Recently though I've had a feeling that many USB ports ignore this and just pump out whatever they can.

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