Make Your LinkedIn Summary Longer To Get Noticed By Employers

There are over 400 million profiles on professional networking site LinkedIn and that number grows on a daily basis. This means making your profile stand out from the crowd can be challenging. But according to a LinkedIn spokesperson, bolstering the word count in your profile's "Summary" section is one trick you can use to get yourself noticed by potential employers.

LinkedIn has become a valuable tool for recruiters to find potential job candidates to fill in positions on offer by their clients. You'll want get your LinkedIn profile in front of the right recruiter by ensuring you're including in the search results on the networking website. This will involve fleshing out the "Summary" section in your LinkedIn profile.

A lot of people don't like writing about themselves (myself included). It's tempting to leave the "Summary" section blank and just fill out basic information such as your work and education history. But you're shooting yourself in the foot if you've neglected to put effort in writing a brief description about yourself on your LinkedIn page.

May Chow, a LinkedIn spokesperson, told Business Insider:

"Having a profile with at least 40 words means the profile can surface higher up in searches that include words that match words in a profile."

As noted by Chow, it is also important to include keywords in your summary to make your profile more search-friendly.

If you're stumped on what to say about yourself in the "Summary" section, here's an example that Chow provided that you can use as a guide:

“I am a XX [for instance 'software quality control engineer'] for YOUR COMPANY. My responsibilities include xxx [keywords] and xxx [keywords].”

[Via Business Insider Australia]


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