Make Savoury, Tasty ‘Fish Sauce’ Without The Fish

Make Savoury, Tasty ‘Fish Sauce’ Without The Fish

Fish sauce is a glorious condiment that gives South Asian cuisine its distinct, delicious flavour, but if you’re vegetarian (or allergic to fish) you’re living your life without it, and that’s very sad.

Photo by Meal Makeover Mums.

The below vegetarian-friendly, fish-free recipe gets its funky flavour from wakame and fermented tofu. Soy sauce and a little sugar round out the sauce for a balanced, umami-packed condiment that everyone can enjoy. (If you can’t find wakame at your local health food store, you can find it in at most Asian grocery stores.)

Vegan Fish Sauce [Food 52]


  • If you’re vegetarian be vegetarian. Stop trying to emulate meat flavors. If you want something to taste like fish eat fish.

    • And make sure you think like me because everyone thinking like me is what makes the world so great to live in.

      • Witty responses are meant to be witty.

        Edit: where did I actually say everyone had to think like me? It’s not very constructive feedback.

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