Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted to know the legalities around using your high beams, Netflix secret codes and numbers on the Tesla Powerwall. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. Is it Legal To Flash Your Headlights To Warn About Speed Checks?
    You’re driving home in the afternoon and on the way back you spot an unmarked cop car parked by the side of the road doing speed checks. Instinctively, you flash your headlights to warn oncoming drivers about the speed trap ahead. Seems normal enough, but is this act of goodwill legal?
  2. These Secret Netflix Codes Can Reveal Tons Of Hidden Categories
    Netflix has tons of great content, but it can be hard to find it all if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The site’s algorithms show you what it thinks you want to watch, but these codes can help you venture outside the suggested depths.
  3. Tesla Powerwall: 2016 Pricing Number Crunch and Payback Times
    Back in May, 2015, we crunched the payback figures for the Powerwall, based on an assumed Australian cost and example electricity prices. Now there are local installed costs available, we have broken out the calculator and gone over the figures. The question is, can the Powerwall give a decent payback time?
  4. Dealhacker: The Best Online Bargains From Harvey Norman’s Half-Yearly Clearance Sale
    t’s that time of year again when retailers throw big clearance sales to sell off leftover stock. Here are some of the best bargains from Harvey Norman’s half-year clearance sale — with links to buy online.
  5. How To Score A Flight Upgrade: 12 Proven Tactics
    What’s better than a fabulous holiday overseas? A fabulous holiday that kicks off with a complimentary upgrade so you don’t have to endure the journey in cattle class. Here are 10 tried and tested ways to make that more likely.
  6. 12 Everyday Phrases That People Get Wrong All The Time
    Is it “wreck havoc” or “wreak havoc”? Is it “should of” or “should have”? Here are some popular phrases that people say incorrectly all the time.
  7. 11 Healthy Sleep Hacks For Busy People [Infographic]
    The average person requires eight hours of sleep per night to stay happy, healthy and fully recharged for the day ahead. Unfortunately, our work commitments and social life often get in the way. This infogaphic from bed specialist SleepyPeople lists 11 “sleep hacks” you can employ to get by on less shuteye each day — without affecting your health.
  8. Unlock Google Maps’ New Hidden Driving Mode In The Latest Update
    Android: Google Maps’ Navigation feature has been one of Android’s best for a long time. It would be nice, however, if you could see things like traffic updates and nearby petrol stations without entering a destination. Now, you can.
  9. Detect And Disable An Airbnb’s Hidden Wi-Fi Cameras With This Script
    Airbnb renters keep finding hidden Wi-Fi cameras watching them without them knowing. If you want to ensure your privacy in a rental, this shell script will find any Wi-Fi cameras on the network and disable them.
  10. Briefly: Best Aussie Startups, Celebrity Instagram, Star Wars Games
    Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: The most successful Australian startups of 2015, the hottest celebrity Instagrams pics of the week, every Star Wars game ranked from best to worst.

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