JustWatch Finds The Best Place To Buy Or Rent Movies And TV Shows Online

JustWatch Finds the Best Place to Buy or Rent Movies and TV Shows Online

There are a bunch of places to buy or rent movies online, but prices can vary from one service to another. JustWatch checks most major online services to find you the best price. Search for a movie and JustWatch shows you all of the places you can find it online, as well as separate prices for rentals, purchases and even subscription sites that movie is included in. Conveniently, you can even show just the prices for HD, which even some of the services themselves make a little difficult to see.

JustWatch can search across Netflix, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, Playstation and plenty more. Movie pages also show you IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings at a glance, plus a selection of trailers and featurettes about the film. You can also check out the previously mentioned JustWatch mobile app to get alerts when a price drops on a film.



    How does it handle different regions? If I search for things that are on eat Australian Netflix only for example, will they show up because I'm in Australia, because it searches all regions, or won't it show up at all?

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