How To Run Windows 95 On A Nintendo 3DS (Sort Of)

How To Run Windows 95 On A Nintendo 3DS (Sort Of)

If you grew up in the 90s, chances are you remember Windows 95 fondly. The Microsoft operating system turned 20 in August last year and for those who are still pining for Windows 95, there is a novel way to bring it back to life by using a Nintendo 3DS handheld console, albeit with a few features missing.

A user on a Game Boy forum, shutterbug2000, has released the code he used to run Windows 95 on his Nintendo 3DS. Here’s a video of him showing off his handiwork:

According to shutterbug2000, he used an x86 emulator to run Windows 95 on top of MS-DOS. This by no means a perfect project. In terms of performance, don’t expect a completely smooth experience when you do try it out on your 3DS. There is also no way to use the touch screen on the handheld to navigate in Windows 95 (yet).

Nonetheless, this is still something fun to try if you want to indulge in a bit of Windows 95 nostalgia.

For the code and the instructions on how to run Windows 95 on a Nintendo 3DS, you can find all the resources on shutterbug2000’s Github page.

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