Fix Your Posture With These Three Simple Exercises

Fix Your Posture With These Three Simple Exercises

Three minutes and three simple exercises are all it takes to improve your posture, and this video shows you all of them. Considering how many of us sit in front of screens or at keyboards all day, just a quick time out for a few stretches can do a world of good. All you need to do them is a wall.

YouTuber rekrain‘s video is short, but the three exercises are simple, and they feel pretty good to do, too (yes, I tried them myself).

First, find a nearby wall, and stand with your back to it. Tuck your chin to your chest, and lean back so the back of your head touches the wall. Don’t bring your head up just yet. rekrain notes if your posture is such that you can’t get your head all the way back, grab a pillow to put between the back of your head and the wall. Now you’re in the right position. Here are the exercises:

  • With your head still tucked, flap your arms, hands with your palm facing down, from your sides to just over shoulder level. Do that about ten times.
  • With your head still tucked and your palms facing down, lift your arms above shoulder level, then bend your elbows and put your hands on your ears. Do that about ten times.
  • With your head still tucked, reach out and above you with one hand and pull down, while you do the same with the other hand. Think “climbing an invisible ladder” and you’ll do it right. Do that about ten times.

Whether the exercises will fix your posture obviously depends on exactly what state your back is actually in, but for people who work at a computer all day, they can be a huge help towards correcting the pain and achiness that comes with poor posture. When I did them after sitting for a long period, I certainly felt better. My back and neck felt like I’d given them a good stretch I couldn’t do just sitting at my desk, and that felt pretty good.

Exercise to improve hunchback posture forward head carriage correction [YouTube via MakeUseOf]

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