Don't Ignore The Small Bugs When You're Developing An App

When you're working on an app, as an individual or in a team, it's easy to let some of the smaller problems slide such as bugs that are not deemed to be high priority. But these small issues can pile up and before you know it they turn into a big problem that you can't ignore. Here are four simple rules to fix this.

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Errors are bound to happen during an application development process and when a bunch of small niggling bugs crop up, it's tempting to just set them aside for the sake of progress. But those tiny issues can come back and haunt you. It becomes difficult to track these errors or exceptions later in the development process and fixing them will be even harder, which can cause delays.

While it's easy to say you won't tolerate any exceptions in production, it can be overwhelming when you're faced with hundreds of errors that have occurred already. According to a blog post by Yeller, a company that makes software exception tracker apps, there are a few simple rules that you can follow to address this problem:

  • Fix new unique exceptions as they show up
  • Expected exceptions get turned into metrics
  • Add a regression test every time you fix an exception
  • Start with the most painful exceptions

You can read more about these rules over on the Yeller blog.

[Via Yeller blog]


    There was a Lifehacker article just over a month ago that said small bugs don't matter:

      Hi greenlego,

      Actually, that article was more about waiting too long to ship your app. Dealing with bugs/errors is a bit different. "Bringing out a product that may not have all the features you wanted to put in it" and "knowingly shipping a product that has bugs" are separate things.

      Hope this helps!



    Classic management technique is to classify something major as minor so that it can be banished from thinking. Internationalization and localization issues are prime examples.

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