Microsoft Cortana Gets Smarter At Managing Your Schedule

Microsoft has given Cortana, it's digital personal assistant on Windows 10, some new features so that it can help users keep track of personal and work events. Those on the Windows Insider program will be the first to experience the new-and-improved Cortana. Here's what's new.

Remember that time when you said in an email to a friend that you would find a restaurant for dinner on Saturday night but then you totally forgot about it? Cortana can now save you from your own forgetfulness by tracking your email conversations and reminding you about the commitments you've made in them.

Another nifty feature Cortana now has is the ability to manage your calendars according to your usual schedule. For example, if you get a meeting request for 7pm, which is outside your usual work hours, Cortana would notice this and alert you that the meeting would occur outside your regular work times so that you can act on the invite quickly.

Cortana will also alert you if you have a last minute meeting request for, say, 7am the next day, which is earlier than when you normally wake up. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your alarm clock for the next day.

The new calendar management feature is only available for the English language versions of Cortana.

As mentioned, Windows Insiders will get access to the new Cortana features first, which will eventually be rolled out to all Windows 10 users.

[Via Microsoft Windows Blog]


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