Coles And Kogan Will Honour Dick Smith Gift Cards

Dick Smith going into voluntary administration left customers with gift cards not even worth the plastic they were printed on. Today both Coles and Kogan have offered credit in return for Dick Smith gift cards, Coles for the full amount and Kogan up to the value of $25.

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In a statement Coles said it would exchange valid Dick Smith gift cards bought at Coles between July 1 2015 and the company going into administration for Coles gift cards of equal value. The offer is only open to customers with proof of purchase showing the gift cards were bought at Coles.

To claim through Coles, call 1800 061 562, choosing option "2".

Kogan have announced "We know it sucks to be out of pocket, which is why we want to help Dick Smith customers by offering them a Gift Card / Voucher Swap!"

Taking advantage of Kogan's offer is a bit more involved, requiring the use of snail mail. To claim your $25 credit you'll have to physically post in your valid gift card which Kogan need to receive by 1 February 2016. You will then receive an email with a voucher to be spent on anything from

Full details, terms and conditions can be found here.

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