Attention: In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up Store Hits Sydney Today

Attention: In-N-Out Burger Pop-Up Store Hits Sydney Today

Here at Lifehacker Australia, we love a good burger and we’ve been around the world to sample this delectable treat. One of our favourites comes from renowned US-based burger joint In-N-Out Burger and, much to our delight, it is opening up a pop-up store in Sydney’s Surry Hills today. Here are the details.

If you’ve never experienced In-N-Out Burger and if you’re going to be near the Sydney CBD area at around lunch time today, you can head over to Dead Ringer restaurant where the burger joint is opening a pop-up store today. You’ll find out first hand why everybody who has been to the US and has eaten at In-N-Out Burger goes gaga over it. (We did a review of the food there late last year)

This isn’t the first time In-N-Out has teased us with a pop-up store. They’ve previously appeared in various Sydney eateries including Mixology Lounge, Barrio Chino and Love, Tilly Devine. Still no word on when they will open a shop permanently in Australia. Eternal Sadness.

Dead Ringer is located at 413 Bourke Street, Surry Hills in Sydney.

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  • I’d say they’re overrated. I’d read so much about them so decided to try one in SanFran and it was good but nothing special. Reminded me a lot of Hungry Jacks (although a bit better than that). Good value burgers though (at least in US – not sure what they’ll be priced at over here).
    I have to admit I just had one of the standard cheese burgers as I didn’t know about the not-so-secret menu.
    Mary’s burgers (Newtown) are better – although a bit overpriced.

  • I’ve had them in the states and they are nothing fancy. But they are delicious. Mouth wateringly tasty. The fries are made from whole potatoes in store – you can see them being made. Peel, put through a massive slicer and fries fall out. Then into the oil and some salt when they come out.

      • Sacrilege to compare our beloved In n Out to 5 guys…their burgers are repulsive!
        Next time you have a chance to have an In n Out Burger you need to order it this way…
        Double Double Animal Style with extra grilled onions.
        The fries should be ordered either animal style or with a side of secret sauce.

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