Airly To Offer Unlimited Members-Only Flights Between Sydney And Melbourne

Airly To Offer Unlimited Members-Only Flights Between Sydney And Melbourne

If you’re a frequent traveller between Sydney and Melbourne, hate the traffic jams on the way to the airports, detest the long security lines and have a few thousand dollars a month to spare, a company called Airly is launching a service that offers essentially unlimited flights between the two cities.

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Much like what is already being done by Surf Air in the US, Airly is providing a members-only flight service between Sydney and Melbourne on a few private planes. There is an initial joining cost of $1000 and with a starting monthly fee of $2550 for members to use the service as much as they’d like. The company is calling this an “all-you-can-fly” service.

Airly will initially offer 54 flights per week on a handful of King Air 350 eight-seater planes operating between the Bankstown Airport in Sydney, Essendon Airport in Melbourne and Canberra airport. While Essendon airport is closer to Melbourne’s CBD area compared with Tullamarine Airport that most major airlines travel to, the Bankstown airport is nowhere near the CBD in Sydney.

Members can fly as many times as they want during the week. There are plans to expand this service to Adelaide and Brisbane but first Airly needs to acquire a couple of hundred members to get the whole thing off the ground.

“The several hundred we are looking for are keen as mustard to save time,” Airly co-founder Luke Hampshire told The Sydney Morning Herald. “It is going to save them about two hours per round trip. We are working off a membership number. We have a lot of people showing significant interest in it now. Once we reach that break-even number we launch.”

Airly is aiming the service at business travellers, particularly CEOs and entrepreneurs. This is why the company is looking to facilitate networking and work opportunities for members with plans to add tools such as Wi-Fi later down the track.

If you’re interested in signing up to the Airly service, you can visit the official website.

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