What’s The Worst Food Sin You’ve Committed?

What’s The Worst Food Sin You’ve Committed?

I watched someone defile rice last night by boiling it like pasta. I grimaced as he fished the rice out with a strainer and, as a Chinese woman, every fibre of my being was screaming “You’re doing it wrong!”. But then I was reminded about the horrendous things I’ve done with food that others would regard as strange or plainly wrong. LH readers, we want to know the worst food “sin” you’ve committed.

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I don’t like cheese. I hate the taste, the texture and the smell of it. But I love pizza, so every time I eat it I would scoff the toppings, then meticulously peel the layer of cheese off, toss it aside and devour the base. Onlookers would watch in horror as I discard what they would call the best part of pizza.

We all have one or two things we do with food that garner strong disapproval from other people. Whether it’s eating off somebody else’s plate or mixing chilli sauce with yoghurt (Alex Walker from Kotaku Australia actually does this), we want to hear from you. Let us know about your worst food foible in the comments.


  • I am more curious about how one defiles rice.
    When I cook rice (Wholegrain) I put half a pot of cold water with 1 cup of rice, bring to the boil, simmer for 20-25 minutes, strain, leave back in the warm pot for a few minutes, fluff with a fork and then add to whatever dish I am making (last night it was honey and soy vegetables with some mirin and sesame oil.
    Am I defiling rice? what is the ‘preferred’ way to cook rice. Taking into account I don’t want the water levels so low that I have to spend half an hour scraping the burnt rice grains off the bottom of the pot.
    Speaking of Rice, the sin is using those big ben packets of rice rather than preparing it yourself.
    Heating pizza in the microwave is unconscionable.
    Putting tomato sauce on scrambled eggs or quiches or anything egg related ruins the purity of the egg.
    Cucumber…cucumber is a sin
    Microwaving vegetables to the point that it was better just to have eaten them raw (at least that way, they would have had some crunch), I would swear it takes no extra effort to steam them on the stove top.
    Insisting Peanut M & M’s are better than the original chocolate M & M’s (although at least we all agree that Maltezers are the pinnacle).
    I have control issues in the kitchen I think 🙁

    • Generally, I put 2 cups of rice rice in, cover it with water, with about 1 cm of water over the top – enough to cover your flat hand. Then bring up to heat and simmer.

      Thats generally enough to be absorbed into the rice as it cooks, and leaving enough to do the cooking process, not stick, etc etc, so when its done in 12-15 minutes, all you’re left with is rice.

      Main thing is that there shouldnt need to be any straining.

    • What you’re using is the absorption method, which is what I define as an acceptable way to cook rice 😛

      Also, I am guilty of microwaving veggies…

    • steaming veggies on the stove while not difficult is orders of magnitude more effort than microwaving them, also takes longer.

      Veggies are still steamed in the microwave, the little bit of water you put in the container is what does the work more than the microwaves directly on the veggies. But i don’t have to have a second thought once i hit the start button on the microwave and if i already have a few things on the stove its more room there.

  • Not so much food but I have to repeatedly tell my brother in-law to not mix expensive single malt scotch with coke! The sacrilege!

  • Running out of food quicker than expected one week and feeding boiled rice with melted cheese on top to my mom who was over for a visit.

  • I think its more heavenly than sin, but my wife and everyone ive ever spoken to (except for my dad whom i inherited the liking of this from) says my putting tomato sauce on fuit loaf and hot cross buns is a sin and repulsive.

    But it works really well, after all tomato is a fruit and the spices in the sauce work well with the spices in the fruitloaf/HCB,

  • Putting the ingredients you wish to sauté in a cold pan is a sin.
    Overcrowding a wok is a sin, likewise using it over a low flame (you’re steaming/stewing it!)
    Throwing away rendered bacon fat before frying your egg in a tasteless oil is a sin.
    Using Gravox or any packet gravy mix when you’ve got perfectly good pan drippings is a sin.
    Overcooking vegetables until they’re limp, lifeless and tasteless is a cardinal sin.
    Using lean cuts of meat and no oil because you’re afraid of fat is a sin.
    Throwing away food is a sin.
    Under seasoning is a sin.
    If you don’t own at least half a dozen different chilli sauces, you’re a goddamn sinner.

    Forgive me father, for I have sinned. I got better though.

  • Mine would have to be Vegemite on pancakes… It sounds dirty but try it and you’ll thank me. I got this from a friend of mine who also ate Vegemite and whipped cream on scones. I do not recommend that one, it is as dirty as it sounds.

  • -I enjoy pickles on my salads.
    -When I was a kid, my favorite sandwich was peanut butter with cheese, gold fish crackers, and pickles.
    -I’m a vegetarian, and I love making burritos with french fries instead of meat.
    -Also, people give me dirty looks when I go to maple syrup houses that sell all you can eat pancakes and I get honey on them instead of the syrup.
    -And I prefer mustard with my fries instead of ketchup. I don’t like ketchup at all.

    That being said, I’m a cook at a steakhouse, and still have issues making edible rice that’s not undercooked or overcooked. But hey, I can make a mean steak (that I won’t eat lol).

  • I would never do this because I’m not a savage, but my housemate thaws meat in the microwave. Then he tries to cook the partially steamed, partially still frozen bloody mess and gets confused when his food tastes like it was found in a dumpster behind a 7/11.

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