What’s At The Top Of Your Travel Bucket List?

What’s At The Top Of Your Travel Bucket List?

Summer is prime time for travel and you’ll find lots of travel destination suggestions for your ultimate trip. But we’d like to ask you: If you could go anywhere, where would it be?

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If you want to see the world, an around-the-world months-long trip might be ideal, but few of us can afford the time or expense to do that, so we have to prioritise our trips. If you need ideas, the Huffington Post has 10 items to add to your bucket list (including Florence, Budapest, and Madagascar), the Telegraph has 25 places to go before you die (including somewhere you can see the Northern Lights and visiting the Galapagos Islands), and Conde Nast Traveller offers its ultimate travel bucket list (including island-hopping in Indonesia and the US coast-to-coast, as in this epic road trip).

But you likely have plans of your own. What’s at the top of your list?


  • i really want to get over to Austria and Germany as thats my heritage. i also would like to go on a bit of a thrill seeker journey to NZ and do a whole bunch of fun things there.
    the americas and africa dont interest me much, and nor does asia.

  • Tunisia. I’d like to see all the north African and Middle Eastern countries, I just wish that area would get its crap together politically. I’ve no wish to visit a dangerous war torn area.

  • I was lucky enough to go deep into the Amazon basin jungle this July. First day by jeep across the Andes; second a motorised canoe where I hadn’t seen anyone for the final four hours.

    That night, everything under the 30m canopy was absolute darkness. Someone could stand right in your face, and the only clue would be their breath. Staring up through gaps I saw astonishingly bright clusters of stars, and listened to the bustle of the jungle about its nightly work. You cannot help but be incredibly moved at moments like that, and that’s just one of many moments from that excursion. We live in amazing times.

    So now I’m hooked. Patagonia, and/or somewhere with gorillas in the wild is my current wishlist, but they’ll take a little planning/saving so probably trek some of the west coast of Tasmania in 2016.

    • Do the melaleuca to cockle creek track, Haven’t done it myself but have been told by my brother that it’s one of the nicest down here. You do have to fly in or out of the melaleuca side though.

  • Hell.
    Everyone who goes there never comes back, so it must be pretty damn good.
    Besides, lots of people have recommended that I go there.

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