What Are The Busiest Days For Christmas Shopping?

CommBank has compiled transaction data from December 2014 to show the quietest and busiest shopping periods over the month. If you still haven't done your Christmas shopping, this graph can help you to avoid the Christmas rush. And if you work in retail, use it to prepare for the storm...

It seems Australians like to procrastinate when it comes to Christmas shopping — the busiest periods last year were December 23 and 24. By contrast, the first Sunday of December was significantly quieter. On the whole, Sundays are the least busy shopping days of the week so if you hate Christmas crowds, this is the best time to shop. (Click the graph to enlarge.)

[Via CommBank]


    working in retail I can pretty much confirm this from my observations. Every year Christmas shopping for people is getting later and later. I'm not sure if people think they will get last minute bargains or not. Either way it gets frustrating because people get unnecessarily rude and impatient with store staff. if you didn't leave it to the last minute it wouldn't be an issue would it?

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