Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here are the top downloads from last week.

Google Released Phone and Contacts Apps to the Play Store

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: Google's released the stock phone and contacts apps to the Play Store, breaking them away from Android, which means we'll start to see more regular updates with sweet new features.

Install Kodi on iOS, No Jailbreak Required

This Week's Top Downloads

We've seen a couple apps get around Apple's restrictions by going with manual installs with the help of the new version of Xcode, which no longer requires a paid developer account. Over on the Kodi forums, DanTheMan827 shows how to install the Cydia version of Kodi on a non-jailbroken phone using a similar approach.

The Best SNES Emulator for Windows

This Week's Top Downloads

It may be 25 years old, but the Super Nintendo still boasts some of the best video games of all time. If you want to SNES on your Windows machine, we think the best emulator for the job is RetroArch with a bsnes core.

CleanMyDrive 2 Automatically Cleans Out Junk on OS X Hard Drives, Gets Redesigned with New Look

This Week's Top Downloads

We were fans of CleanMyDrive when it was initially released, because it made managing multiple external drives a lot easier. Now, with a recent update, the app's even better.

Boxy Brings Inbox by Gmail to the Mac Desktop

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: Inbox by Gmailis a bit polarising, but if you count yourself amongst its fans, then you might want to check out Boxy. Boxy is a Mac client for Inbox that ports the web app over as a desktop app.

Kano's Educational Operating System Now Works on the Raspberry Pi Zero

This Week's Top Downloads

Kano's Raspberry Pi kit is a bit of a crowd favourite, even though it clock in a bit on the expensive side. The bright orange colours combined with the custom operating system built for learning makes it appealing for kids learning to code. Now, they have updated their OS to work on the much cheaper new Raspberry Pi Zero.

Steady Square Lets You Weigh Things With Your iPhone 6s (And Play Too)

This Week's Top Downloads

Apple's 3D Touch technology may be young, but it's already got app developers thinking outside of the box. If you want to use your iPhone 6s as a digital scale, Steady Square is for you. Oh, it's also a game you can play.

Hibou Helps You Remember What You Read with Spaced Repetition

This Week's Top Downloads

Chrome: Ever read an article online, only to forget most of what it said a few days later? Hibou is an extension that will remind you to re-read it later for better retention.

The Best Live Streaming App for iPhone

This Week's Top Downloads

Sharing great moments (or just snippets of your life) with friends or loved ones has never been easier, and a new class of live streaming app makes it possible for them to join you in real time. Of those apps, we think Periscope is the best today, and has the most potential for the near future.

Snap Adds Widgets to Your Notification Shade That You Can Use Anywhere

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: Widgets are still one of the most useful parts of Android, but who has the time to go alll the way to their home screen to see them? Snap puts them in your notification shade, so they're always accessible.

SiriMote Puts Your New Apple TV Remote to Use on Your Mac

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: The new remote that comes with the new Apple TV is cool, but unlike older remotes, it doesn't easily pair with your Mac. SiriMote is a simple little app that will do just that.


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