This Graphic Shows How Nasty Your Keyboard Can Get (And How To Clean It)

This Graphic Shows How Nasty Your Keyboard Can Get (And How To Clean It)

Between all the dust, dead skin, and microbes, computer keyboards can get grimy pretty fast. This handy graphic reveals what might be lurking on your keyboard, as well as some clever ways to get it cleaned up.

This infographic, from the folks at and Ghergich & Co., reveals how much nasty bacteria can be lurking on uncleaned computer keyboards. In some cases, keyboards can be even germier than a toilet seat, and the risk is greater because your fingers get all over those keys. Even the dangerous, drug-resistant MRSA and VRE were found to survive on keyboards for up to 24 hours.

Fortunately, the graphic also explains how you can get it cleaned and disinfected. You can use vacuums, canned air, rubbing alcohol, and toothbrushes to get it looking like new again. At the very least, let this be a reminder to give your keyboard a good cleaning. If you want to keep your keyboard from getting too gross in the future, be sure to clean it regularly and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before touching your keyboard. You can check out the complete graphic below.

Dirty Work: How Nasty is Your Keyboard? []


  • You can also use this graphic when thinking about…
    your desk, seat, pen, drink bottle, notebook, public transport, toothbrush, TV remote, kitchen, cutting board, bed, car, McDonalds table where you eat your lunch, toilet, towel, in-ear headphones etc, etc, etc.

    OMG – death is imminent!!!

  • I just like to think of it as my immune system getting some gains.
    Bro1: “Do you even lift bro?”
    Bro2: “Hell yes I do bro, spent 8 hrs at my keyboard typing away”
    Bro1: “Duuuuude”
    Bro2: “Yup”

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