The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide For Christmas (2015)

The Ultimate Geek Gift Guide For Christmas (2015)

Self-described “geeks” are simultaneously the toughest and easiest people to buy for at Christmas. While there’s no shortage of geeky paraphernalia to choose from, separating the Whedon wheat from the Cthulhu chaff is easier said than done. Our extensive gift guide is here to help: within, you will find an assortment of toys, books, video games and apparel that will make that special geek in your life wet their bed in glee. It’s all here: from Star Wars towel sets to Game Of Thrones Monopoly boards with links to buy.

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The following geek goodies have been sourced from a variety of online stores with prices ranging from $6.49 to $229.95. Some products are only available internationally, but you should still get them in time for Christmas if you order in the next few days. Happy shopping!


Aliens Chestburster Plush [$29.99]

A perfect gift for HR Giger fans (or an annoying niece/nephew you wish to terrify.)

8-Bit Treasure Chest [$29.99]

This one’s just cute, okay? It lights up and plays a treasure-finding ditty when opened.

Xenomorph Egg Set in Collectible Carton [$24.99]

Face-huggers — box fresh!

Dalek Christmas Tree Ornament [$14.99]

The Doctor Who TV Christmas special has become a traditional part of the holidays for geeks the world over, which makes this the perfect gift idea. You can also get Dalek and Cybermen variants.

Minecraft Light-Up Torch [$24.99]

If you know any pre-teen Minecraft fanatics, this is the gift to get them: in addition to mimicking the game’s pixelated aesthetic it also lights up.

BB-8 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero [$229.95]

The new Star Wars movie isn’t even out yet, but this is already the #1 toy on everyone’s Christmas wish list. It’s a remote control droid that you operate with your smart phone. So cute!

Kylo Ren Force FX Deluxe Lightsaber Replica [$199]

It’s that stupid broadsword/lightsaber from the first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. You know you want it.


Monopoly Game Of Thrones Collector’s Edition [$53.95]

Property trading doesn’t actually exist in Westeros, which is owned by feudal lords. But whatever. This is still crazy cool.

Game Of Thrones [$49]

Divided into six chapters, this is a great gift idea for any die-hard Game Of Thrones fan. The game follows events and characters not covered in the books or TV show but there are still plenty of familiar faces and voices, including Natalie Dormer (Daenerys), Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), Lena Headey (Cercie) and Kit Harington (Jon Snow). It’s available for PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. You can get it from Target for $49.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt [$54.99]

The third entry in the popular Witcher series serves up everything a fantasy fan could want: arcane magic, blood-soaked combat, bodice-ripping romance and hours of adventuring in the wild. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can get it from OzGameshop for $54.99.

Star Wars Battlefront [$79]

EA’s re-imagining of the Battlefront series faithfully recreates the original trilogy’s most famous battles, from the Empire’s assault on Hoth to the battle of Endor (sans Ewoks, thankfully.) Players are given a blaster and tossed into the fray. You can get it from JB Hi-Fi for $79.

Fallout 4 [$69.95]

The hotly anticipated fourth entry in the Fallout universe finally detonated last month. If your pal is an action RPG fan, this is the game to get him. If you’re feeling especially generous, snap up one of the deluxe “Pip Boy” Editions which are currently selling for silly money on eBay. You can get the vanilla version from the Gamesmen for $69.95.

Fallout Anthology [$98]

If your geeky chum already owns Fallout 4, get him this anthology of the previous games instead. The pack includes the five previous games from the Fallout series and comes in a stylish mini nuke storage container. You can get it from JB Hi-Fi for $98.

Sony GCM10 Game Control Mount [$39]

Remote Play is a mobile app that lets you play PS4 games on select Xperia smartphones and tablets. To get the most out of this application, you need a mount for your phone and PS4 controller, which is where the GCM10 comes in. (See it in action here.) The mount is compatible with screen sizes 4-to-8 inches. You can get it direct from Sony for $38.


Empire Of Imagination by Michael Witner [$31.98]

The life and times of Gary Gygax; creator of Dungeons & Dragons. The biography every geek should own.

Console Wars by Blake J Harris [$29.74]

Blake J Harris’ Console Wars gives a fascinating insight into the battle for video game supremacy waged between Sega and Nintendo in the early ’90s. It focuses on the exploits of Sega America’s CEO Tom Kalinske and his gung-ho team of marketers, strategists and engineers. A movie adaptation is currently under development (ironically from Sony) with Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg tipped to star.

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull [$31.35]

This is a fascinating business book from the co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios, Ed Catmull. Drawing insights from the studio’s famous “Braintrust” sessions, Catmull explains how to build a creative culture in the workplace that will lead to better profits. A great gift idea for white collar relatives.

Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Stan Lee, et al [$31.49]

Stan “The Man” Lee (the co-creator of Spider-Man, Hulk, Fantastic 4, The Avengers and countless other super heroes) gets the biography treatment. Fittingly, it’s in graphic novel form.

Game Art by Matt Sainsbury [$45.95]

In addition to hundreds of pages of sumptuous game art, this book includes in-depth interviews from the creative minds behind many of the featured images. You can get it from Fishpond for $45.95.

Cosplay World [$33.07]

From Kotaku’s own Brian Ashcraft and Luke Plunket comes this glossy celebration of all things cosplay: it contains a detailed history of the phenomena, interviews with the biggest cosplay celebrities, tips on creating your own costumes and over two hundred photographs.

The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg [$26.99]

Does exactly what it says on the tin. A tome to all things Murray.

Star Wars Concept [$43.10]

This is a lavishly illustrated coffee table book that collects the best conceptual artwork from the Star Wars universe; from Ralph McQuarrie’s designs for the original trilogy to the latest video game output.


Critical Hit D20 Mug [$6.49]

What do you get the Dungeons & Dragons fan who has everything? A mug fashioned into the shape of a 20-sided dice, natch.

Black Milk Game Of Thrones collection [From $60]

If the lady in your life is a die-hard aSoIaF fan, these skimpy Game Of Thrones-inspired outfits will bring you both a lot of enjoyment. Examples include an Iron Throne skater dress, a dragon egg-print Vegas suit and Littlefinger leggings. Prices start at $60.

Nintendo Power Glove Oven Mitt [$15]

“I love the Power Glove. It’s so bad.”

Covergirl Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cosmetics

Covergirl has partnered with the makers of Star Wars on a limited-edition range of makeup “inspired” by the upcoming movie. Products include “Colorlicious Droid Lipstick” and “Dark Side Mascara”. This is probably the geekiest thing on this list.

Uncle Milton Ant Man Ant Farm Science Kit [$36.84]

How do you make an ant farm even geekier? By adding Marvel Ant Man art, of course!

Star Wars Sarlacc Toilet Decals [$25]

We changed our minds. This is the geekiest thing on the list.

GRRM Leggings [$80]

You’re not a real Game Of Thrones fan until you’ve plastered the author’s face into every crevice. It is known.

Hang Out With Your Krang Out T-Shit [$25.82]

We have nothing to add to this.

Say What Again! T-Shirt [$29.19]

The Pulp Fiction Brett/Jules face-off “re-imagined” as an 8-bit adventure game. The perfect gift for gamer-cum-movie buffs. You can get it from Red Bubble for $29.19.

Han Solo In Carbonite backpack [$49.95]

Yeah, we wouldn’t recommend taking this one to school.

Star Wars Han and Leia Bathroom Hand Towels [$15.99]

We featured this one in last year’s guide but felt compelled to bring it back. If you know a Star Wars-loving couple who live in the same house, you won’t find a better gift than this. You can currently get the pair for $15.99 from Think Geek.

AT-AT and Ewok Dog Costumes [$32.99, $36.99]

Your pet dog is sure to love it! (Pet dog may attempt to rip your throat out in anger.)

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  • Guys, no. I know what to buy for the geeks in my life. That’s easy. I need a “Geek Gift Guide” that is a guide for geeks struggling to buy presents for normies.

    What do you do when you can’t even fall back on a Funko Pop and call it a day? How do these people do it?

  • What a fun list, but those leggings……I hope they introduce a law against them. Sorry George, your face near my crotch, no thanks

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