12 Kris Kringle/Secret Santa Gift Ideas

12 Kris Kringle/Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It’s nearly “Secret Santa” time again in offices and workplaces around the country. If you’re stumped for ideas, this guide should be able to help: it includes gifts for an assortment of co-worker types, with prices ranging from $7 to $50.

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Microfibre Cleaning Cloths [$7]

For the camera/technology buff: a microfibre cleaning cloth for lenses, filters and LCD screens. Buy it here.

Happy Book [$7.95]

For the office grouch: a drawing book designed to lift the user’s mood. Buy it here.

Yoga mat [$9.95]

For the office fitness fanatic: a 10mm-thick, anti-slip Yoga and Pilates mat available in five colours.
Buy it here.

ThermoCafe Double Wall Travel Mug [$10.95]

For the mobile caffeine junkie: a 375ml stainless steel insulated travel mug. Buy it here.

World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies [$22.99]

For your office “bestie”: a pair of miniature walkie talkies with a range of 30 metres. Buy it here.

Artifical Pineapple [$24.95]

For the office odd ball: a plastic pineapple for no reason. Buy it here.

Covergirl Star Wars: The Force Awakens Cosmetics [$16.95]

For the sci-fi fangirl: makeup “inspired” by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Buy it here.

Ebony And Ivory Stripe Teacup & Saucer [$34.95]

For the old office ninny: a fancy teacup and saucer combo. Buy it here.

Google Chromecast [$39]

For the entertainment junkie: Google’s thumb-sized media streaming device. Buy it here.

Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition [$40.95]

For the bad-taste joker: a party game designed to make you say the most horrible things imaginable. Buy it here.

Portal Board Game [$50]

For the hardcore gamer: a strategy board game based on the popular Portal series. Buy it here.

Bag Of Poop [$23.89]

For the boss. Buy it here.

In partnership with the Toshiba Radius 12