The Average Australian Home Loan, State By State [Infographic]

The Average Australian Home Loan, State By State [Infographic]

20 years ago, the average size of an Australian home loan was under $100,000. Ten years before that, it was under $40,000. Nowadays, you’re looking at a lot more. This interactive graphic from the guys at Finder breaks down average home loan figures for each state and territory; from 1975 to 2015.

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The averages cited below combine all property types, from newly built capital city mansions to existing regional hovels. NSW tops the list (surprise, surprise) with an average of $454,200, followed by Victoria, the ACT and Western Australia. Interestingly, the Northern Territory used to have the biggest average of every state and territory.

How do these averages compare to your own home loan? Let us know in the comments.

How Big Is The Average Home Loan In Australia? [Finder]


  • How do you define the size of a home loan? Is it:
    a) The average size of all home loans that existed in [year]? This would include millions of loads and include my parents’ loan that’s 29 years old and has $20,000 left, and mine which is brand new and $2,000,000 (for the house next door to theirs).
    b) The average size of all home loans originated in [year]? This would only include my loan and not my parents’ loan.

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