Tell Us Your Best DIY Success Story

Tell Us Your Best DIY Success Story

We’ve asked you in the past about your worst DIY disaster. Now, we’d like to hear about your best DIY project.

Photo by Thor.

We’re all about DIY around here and we’ve all had our shares of projects that went horribly wrong and wonderfully right. We’d like to hear about some of the cool stuff you’ve done, your proudest DIY moment.

So, what’s your best DIY success story?


  • Renovated the bathroom this time last year. Removed bath, toilet, vanity, a half wall and all wall and floor tiles. Then I retiled and installed a new bath, toilet, vanity and fixings. Turned out quite nicely and saved around $7000-$8000! Definitely my best DIY moment.

    Most recently, though, I installed retic out the front yard. It was fun and interesting because I had a few issues along the way that required on-the-fly changes. And I made it so it’ll be easy to install solarnoids and automate it later too.

  • I made my girlfriend a small makeup mirror, framed in wood with LEDs. I learned to engrage glass and engraved her name in one corner. The LEDs are in a star pattern in the frame so when you look into it, you’ll see a star shape in your own eyes. It also has a dimmer too for brightness control.
    I also made her name light up by embedding another led inside the frame but on different circuits so her name woud stay bright even if the lights were dimmed.

    She was amazed

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