Stuff A Raspberry Pi Into A PlayStation 1 For A Kitschy, Fun Case Mod

Stuff a Raspberry Pi Into a PlayStation One for Kitschy, Fun Case Mod

People love stuffing Raspberry Pi's into all kinds of retro game consoles, but the PlayStation hasn't seen much love. Over on Pi Supply, they show you how to wire in a Pi to a PlayStation console.

In order to get this up and running, you'll need some soldering skills and a small handful of parts. You'll also be using a PlayStation 3 controller as opposed to an old wired PlayStation controller. The software itself is no different than other Pi-powered retro game consoles, but if you're a fan of Sony's contribution to consoles, this is a fun case to build.

Build Your Own Raspberry PiStation [Pi Supply]


    You can also add a Bluetooth dongle that serves as a wireless controller and it will be easier to add more games instead plugging it into your router.

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