Save Water In Your Garden With Nested And Non-Porous Pots

Save Water in Your Garden with Nested and Non-Porous Pots

Maintaining the perfect container garden can be tough when it gets hot, but you don't want to over-water just because the temperature's rising. Consider nested and non-porous pots for your plants; they will keep water from evaporating, and keep the soil cool.

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Both methods will help you save water, which is especially important during summer heat or if you live somewhere experiencing a drought. Nesting the pot with the plant inside a slightly larger pot lined with sand or gravel will keep the roots cool in the summer sun. When it comes to using non-porous pots, look for pots made of plastic, ceramic, or glazed terracotta.

These materials lessen water evaporation from the sides of the pot, leaving more water for your plants to soak up. You can opt for using just one of these methods or use both throughout your garden to save water while keeping your plants happy.

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