Which Gaming Platform Came Out On Top In 2015?

Which Gaming Platform Came Out On Top In 2015?

2015 was another wildly successful year for the video games industry. Whether you own a PlayStation 4, an Xbox One, a gaming PC or a Wii U, there were plenty of AAA titles to get excited about. (And if you own all five, we have no idea how you found time to do anything else!) But there are different degrees of success — which platform is poised to “win” 2016 and beyond?

Our friends at Kotaku have put together some comprehensive pieces on the state of the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, PC and handhelds in 2015. They provide a fascinating insight into the year that was for each, charting the lows and highs for each platform. Check them out below:


  • For me personally, it was a PS4 year. That surprised me to be honest. In the last Gen I was an absolute Xbox addict plus MMO on PC or anything I wanted the best graphics in (like Skyrim).

    This year the MMO scene has left me pretty dry so the PC has been swapped by a Surface for RPG games like Pillars and Divinity whilst the PS4 has taken everything else. I like the PS4 user interface more than the Xbox big squares everywhere and it seems like the exclusives have been more compelling on PS4 with exception of Halo5.

    It’s also down to using the 3D player on the PS4 as my main film system alongside Netflix.

    I’m considering trading the XBone in next year.

  • For me it was Wii U – I purchased more Wii U games than PS4 and PC combined this year. And only one of those PS4 games I purchased was actually an exclusive, too.

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