Most Popular Clever Uses And MacGyver Tips Of 2015

Most Popular Clever Uses And MacGyver Tips Of 2015

If you’re clever enough, anything can be a tool. This year we saw a ton of clever tips and tricks than any “MacGyver wannabe” would be proud of, but only a select few stood out as the best.

Quickly Peel a Hard-Boiled Egg by Shaking It in a Glass of Water

Peeling hard-boiled eggs can be nightmare if you don’t cook them right or try to pick off the shell piece by tiny piece. A quick shake in a partially water-filled glass can do the deed cleanly in a matter of seconds.

Top 10 Things You Can Do with a Slow Cooker That Don’t Involve Food

The slow cooker (or crock pot) is a wonderful appliance for hands-off cooking, but the gentle, slow heating process can also be used for other things unrelated to food. Such as these ten things.

This Calculator Helps You Crack Any Master Combination Lock in Eight Tries

Forgot your Master lock combo? Or want some incentive to not use a Master padlock? There’s a website for that.

You Can and Should Be Eating Banana Peels

I’ve always assumed that the banana peel’s only purpose was to provide cheap, slapstick laughs at the cost of some poor klutz, but it turns out that you can (and should!) eat the slippery bastards.

Make a Mini Foundry for Cheap That Can Melt Soft Drink Cans

If you have an excess of soft drink cans lying around — or just looking for a cool project to work on — this mini foundry can melt metal and doesn’t cost very much to build.

Remove Odours from Your Entire Home by Simmering Vinegar

We’ve talked about how leaving out a bowl of vinegar can deodorise a room, but what if there’s a smell that’s taken over your entire house? Simmering that vinegar on the stove can maximise its reach and odor-eating power.

Turn a Mechanical Pencil Into a Precision Solder Dispenser

Soldering is an easy skill to learn, but it can also be easy to mess up when you’re working on really small items. To give yourself a little more control, you can turn a mechanical pencil into a simple precision dispenser.

Make Crystal Clear Ice Orbs with an Insulated Coffee Mug

I’m a bit exacting when it comes to the ice in my cocktails. I like one large, perfectly clear piece of ice. If it’s a big orb, all the better. I’ve had some success making ice spheres at home with these molds, but they’re always a bit cloudy in the middle, even when I use boiling water.

Make Homemade “Mozzarella Sticks” with a Waffle Iron

Mozzarella sticks are one of the most popular appetizers out there. It’s hard to beat fried cheese and — even though these aren’t technically in stick form — you can make them pretty easily at home with a waffle iron.

Top 10 Clever Ways to Use Chopsticks (That Don’t Involve Takeout)

Chopsticks are the utensil of choice when eating Asian dishes, but they can do a whole lot more than just pick up noodles. Check out these ten other reasons to keep a pair or two of chopsticks around.

Build a Convincing Hide-a-Key Out of PVC Pipe Parts

Getting locked out of your house is the worst. Having a hide-a-key can help, but you need to make sure it doesn’t look too conspicuous. This setup looks just like some plain old piping on the side of the house.

Remove Stamps from Letters With Your Microwave

Putting the wrong stamp on a letter is a mild frustration. But it can be easily remedied with a few seconds in the microwave.

Open a Claw Padlock Using the “Rapping” Method, No Lock Picking Required

If you’ve lost the key to one of your old padlocks, and you don’t have any way to cut it, you can get it open with just about any weighted object.

Nine Simple Tricks to Make the Most of Your Microwave

Your microwave is one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. It can reheat leftovers, make lemons easier to squeeze, and even revive dried-up mascara. Here are nine of our favourite microwave tricks, in video form.

Never Clean Your Foreman Grill Again by Cooking with Parchment Paper

The George Foreman Grill is a great tool when it comes to low-effort cooking, but it can be a pain to clean. A little parchment paper can solve that problem.

Hide Your Home Theatre Accessories Behind Your TV with Sugru and Hooks

Game controllers, streaming boxes, 3D glasses, and more — why keep these accessories cluttering your tables when the back of your TV can hold them all?

The Cheapest NBN 50 Plans

Here are the cheapest plans available for Australia’s most popular NBN speed tier.

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