Make Stuffing Waffles For A Novel Christmas Treat

Make Stuffing Waffles For A Novel Christmas Treat

Turn a traditional Christmas dish on its head by transforming stuffing into crispy squares filled with gravy-catching pockets. All you need is the stuffing you were going to make anyway and a waffle maker.

Mix your stuffing together, then spread a layer on your hot waffle maker. How long you cook your stuffing waffle depends on how hot your waffle maker gets, but in general you should cook it for twice as long as you would a normal waffle, just to make sure it’s cooked through. The pockets from the waffle maker are perfect for catching gravy or cranberry sauce, meaning every bite will be moist and delicious.

If stuffing waffles at the dinner table doesn’t excite you, consider trying this with leftover stuffing. Serve your waffles for breakfast with maple syrup. Or if you’re really decadent, use them in place of bread for turkey sandwiches.

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles [Serious Eats]

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