Microsoft’s PowerApps Lets You Make Enterprise Apps With No Coding Experience

Microsoft’s PowerApps Lets You Make Enterprise Apps With No Coding Experience

Microsoft has launched its PowerApps service which allows workers create their own business apps, whether they have a background in coding or not. The service is currently in preview and is aimed at bringing more business apps to mobile devices.

Business apps lagging behind consumer apps by miles in terms of richness and cross platform compatibility due to several factors: there aren’t enough skilled mobile developers, data is being stored on disparate systems and sluggish app distribution models, according to the vendor. That’s why Microsoft has brought out PowerApps which can be used by workers to create and share business apps within their teams on any device in a matter of minutes.

“It balances power between IT and business users, arming those closest to business needs with tools and services to not just envision but also implement the solution,” Microsoft software executive Bill Staples said in a blog post.

This is what PowerApps can do for employees:

  • Quickly create apps that work on any device using a Microsoft Office-like experience, templates to get started quickly and a visual designer to automate workflows.
  • Use built-in connections, or ones built by your company, to connect PowerApps to cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Dropbox and OneDrive and on-premises systems including SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, SAP and more.
  • Share PowerApps like documents. It’s as simple as typing an email address and your coworkers can take advantage of an app you created.

Microsoft has also introduced more advanced capabilities in PowerApps that developers and IT professionals can take advantage of:

  • PowerApps includes Azure App Service for employee-facing apps, so native web and mobile apps get into employee hands faster than ever.
  • Build additional data connections and APIs to any existing business systems, thus empowering any users in your organization to create the apps they need.
  • Data security and privacy controls are respected by PowerApps, so you can manage data access and maintain corporate policies.

You can visit the Microsoft PowerApps website to request an invite for the preview.

[Via Microsoft PowerApps blog]

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