Microsoft Releases Windows PowerShell Tests on GitHub

Microsoft Releases Windows PowerShell Tests on GitHub

Microsoft’s Windows PowerShell team has thrown its first test code onto GitHub. This gives the IT administrator the chance to test PowerShell in their own environment with the same tools Microsoft used internally. Here’s what you need to know.

PowerShell is a task automation and configurations management framework based on a command-line shell. It uses small programs called cmdlets to simplify configuration, administration and management of IT environments using remote protocols. The objective of PowerShell is to improve administrative control over systems either interactively or from script.

PowerShell has been in active development for 12 years and the PowerShell team has created a number of scripts during that time to test it. This is what the PowerShell team has to say about the project of releasing its selection of tests onto GitHub:

As part of an effort to simplify our test infrastructure, early in 2015 we started the migration process of our internal script based framework tests to the Pester ( framework; the release of this project represents the early fruits of that labour. Our plan is to continue to migrate our current tests and release them in this project, with the aim of having all of our tests available in the OSS community using OSS test frameworks.   We believe that by releasing these tests, our community can better understand how we test, use these as models to better understand PowerShell, and participate with us as we release future versions.

You can access the test code over on the PowerShell GitHub page.

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