Microsoft Releases Update To Fix Surface Book And Surface Pro 4 Display Driver Crashes

Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 devices have been plagued by a fault in which the display driver constantly crashes. Microsoft has finally brought out a firmware update to fix this issue.

I am one of the many users that have been affected by this display driver issue, which I highlighted in my review of the Surface Pro 4. The Microsoft Answers forum has been inundated with complaints about the problem so it's no wonder Microsoft has come out with an update for it.

This is how Microsoft described the fault:

Display appears to hang, and then you will get a message that the display adapter has reset. Usually happens in certain scrolling situations on web pages.

For those who are experiencing the problem on their Surface device, be sure to check the Windows Update tool and download the firmware update, which is listed as "System Hardware Update - 12/2/2015".

[Via Thurrott Report]


    Damn Surface Pro 4. Have spent 3 non-productive days trying to get this new computer to work. Serious problems with it crashing after 10 minutes requiring a re-boot to have to do the same every 10 minutes. It worked better before the big MS update of December 2, now it is a worthless and incredible tool of time wasting frustration. DO NOT BUY ONE until MS fixes this. The people at 2 MS stores did not even know how to fix it other than reloading the operating system which required reloading all software and data. Everyone is in the dark. I am running standard Office and Adobe, nothing unusual.

    Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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