Microsoft Adds Linux Certification For Azure

Microsoft Adds Linux Certification For Azure

We’re seeing more Linux love from Microsoft with the vendor launching a new certification on Azure for IT professionals who have skills in the open source operating system. The certification is in response to growing demands fro organisations looing for experts in Linux system administration and competencies working with cloud environments.

Earlier this month Microsoft made popular open source Linux distribution, Debian, available on its Azure public cloud platform. Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Microsoft has done an about-face on its attitude towards Linux (former CEO Steve Ballmer once described Linux as “

This certification, which involves two exams that blend Linux administration and Microsoft Azure implementation skills, aims to demonstrate an IT professional’s ability to work with complex cloud-enabled Linux servers in Azure.

According to Microsoft executive director at The Linux Foundation:

“Today’s IT environments demand more from professionals than ever before, and the ones equipped to manage this new landscape look to professional certifications to rise above the rest.
“A Microsoft-Issued certification that includes the Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin exam will most definitely allow professionals to stand apart from their peers and allow them the opportunity to work on the most interesting technologies of our time.”

You can find out more about getting the new Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Linux on Azure certification over on the Microsoft Learning page.

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