Make Circular Ice With Water Balloons

Make Circular Ice With Water Balloons

A single, large piece of ice makes a dramatic statement in any cocktail, even more so if you can make it round. Fortunately, there’s a pretty easy way to do it.

In addition to looking cool, a large piece of ice will melt more slowly than multiple, smaller ice cubes, ensuring that your drink stays cool longer and gets watered down less as the ice melts. Just fill small water balloons with water (or whatever liquid you want to freeze), and rest them on a sheet pan in your freezer until they’re ready. Snip the end of the balloon, peel it off the ice, and hear that satisfying clunk as you drop it into your glass.

How to Make Circular Ice for Show-Stealing Cocktails Without Any Special Molds [WonderHowTo]


    • Exactly what i came here to query, granted we put them in our mouths to blow them up, and often inhale the air/helium our of them, but extended contact with water and freezing them then mixing with food/drink sounds like a big nono unless its certified food and freezer safe (i get the same iffy feeling when on masterchef they used balloons to make chocolate bowls (unless they were special food balloons they didn’t tell anyone about)

  • Most balloons are latex. Most food prep gloves are latex. If you are worried about dirt/contamination/latex powder (yuck!) in your ice you can just wash the balloons in mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly like you would any new food container.

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