Make A Christmas Tree Look Fuller With Garland

Make A Christmas Tree Look Fuller With Garland

There’s nothing wrong with a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. But if your tree is looking a little bare and you want to add some lushness, a string of garland will do the trick. Photo by jkrebs.

Working with a 2m tree and 60cm of garland, Lifestyle blog 3 Little Greenwoods explains:

…I began the fake tree transformation by removing the top and middle section of the artificial Christmas tree and fluffing the wreaths. With the first wreath I fluffed the greenery all around making sure the branches twisted towards the outside and inside of the wreath. Once it was ready I placed it on top of the bottom third of the tree then snapped the middle part of the tree back into place.

The second wreath got a good fluffing but I focused the branches towards the inside of the wreath. This made the circumference of the wreath smaller so it would fit with the shape of the tree…

It’s a simple enough tip and ideal if you have an artificial tree that doesn’t quite fill out. It also works if you buy a live, bare tree. Check out the rest of the post at the link below.