Keep Your Fancy Plates From Breaking By Packing Them On Their Side

Keep Your Fancy Plates from Breaking by Packing Them on Their Side

If you're packing away your fancy "special occasion only" dishes or you're getting ready to move, this packing method will keep your pretty plates from breaking. Photo by liz west.

The common practice for packing plates is stacking them on top of each other. If the box gets dropped, however, the weight of the upper plates can provide enough force and pressure to break the bottom plates. That's why Kristin Appenbrink at The Kitchen recommends you pack them on their side. The edge of the plates can be a lot stronger than the centre, and with enough padding surrounding each plate (bottom, sides, in between, and top), you'll never have to worry about your china getting crushed into white dust. You can find more tips on storing your fancy dishes at the link below.

7 Smart Tips for Storing Your Fine China [The Kitchn]


    Or don't drop them.
    The benefit of stacking them horizontally is better weight distribution. By stacking sideways you have to be careful to balance out your weight - lest you pick up the box and find it suddenly shift one direction.

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