Four Tips On Developing And Deploying Enterprise Apps Faster

Four Tips On Developing And Deploying Enterprise Apps Faster

The demand for enterprise applications is on the rise as companies recognise the value of implementing apps in the workplace to improve the way their employees work. This has put a lot of pressure on IT departments to develop a wider variety of mobile apps over a short period of time. Analyst firm Gartner has a few pointers on how to speed up the creation and rollout of enterprise apps.

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Despite predictions that the enterprise apps market is set to reach US$201 billion by 2019, Gartner noted that in a survey conducted last year, a majority of organisations had developed and released fewer than 10 apps. A large portion of those companies had not released any mobile apps at all.

The analyst firm boiled it down to several factors. Competitive pressures have made organisations think of enterprise mobile apps in a more tactical way as opposed to taking a strategic approach. Apps are deployed to respond to an immediate need and, as such, are not as carefully thought out. There is also the difficulty and cost associated with hiring a developer.

For existing IT teams, Gartner has four tips on how businesses can develop and deploy their enterprise apps faster:

  • Prioritise your app development so you don’t sacrifice app quality and positive ROI when increasing app delivery speed. The mobile development team needs to formulate a process of mobile app prioritisation that involves understanding the needs of business stakeholders and defining common criteria for evaluating mobile app projects.
  • Adopt a bimodal IT approach to create an agile API layer. This will optimise mobile integration and simplify the process of connecting mobile apps to many different types of data sources.
  • Encourage adoption of rapid mobile app development (RMAD) tools across the organization to increase the number of apps delivered, and select a small subset that corresponds to organizational needs.
  • Adopt a mixed-sourcing approach for mobile app development, as some complex and specific app development activities may be more efficiently handled by an outsourced third party.

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