Four Halfway Decent Last-Minute Gifts You Can Grab At The Supermarket

Four Halfway Decent Last-Minute Gifts You Can Grab At The Supermarket

You’re on your way to the relatives’ for the holidays and it hits you — you forgot a gift for that one family member that always seems to fly under the radar. If you can swing by a supermarket, however, you still have a chance to grab something relatively nice.

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Supermarkets aren’t usually the first place you’d shop for gifts, but they’re everywhere, and when it gets really close to the holidays they have the advantage of still being open. If you need a last-minute gift, Tobie Stanger at Consumer Reports suggests you consider some of these options:

  1. Gourmet food and beverages: A nice bottle of wine, liquor, or a gourmet coffee. Even a fancy pasta sauce can be a nice gift for the right person.
  2. Lollies: If they have got a sweet tooth, lollies will never be unappreciated.
  3. Magazine subscriptions: Grab a magazine you think they’d be interested and wrap it with a note that says you’ve set up a year’s subscription for them.
  4. Gift cards: Some people don’t like them, but some people love them (me). Sometimes the gift of freedom to buy whatever they want is more meaningful than you realise.

Sometimes supermarkets will have a seasonal display of gifts too, so you might find something there. It may not feel terribly personal, but it’s better than showing up with no gift at all! You can find some more great last-minute gift ideas at the link below.

Last-Minute Gifts from the Supermarket [Consumer Reports]


  • Gift cards? Seriously?
    If you want to give them the money to buy whatever they want, why not just give them money?
    Gift cards are a massive scam often with hidden clauses and expiry dates.

  • everytime i hear the mention of giftcards , dilbert comes to mind

    Alice: A gift certificate is completely different from cash.
    Dilbert: No, it’s not. They’re both pieces of paper you can exchange for goods and services.
    Alice: You’re missing the point.
    Dilbert: Actually, a gift certificate is worse than cash, because you can only use it in one place.
    Wally: And it expires.
    Alice: At least it shows some thought.
    Dilbert: It shows defective thought. You’re trading perfectly good money for something that does the same thing, only not as well.

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