Finding Inspiration For A Good ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Finding Inspiration For A Good ‘Coming Soon’ Page

Sometimes the hardest pages to design are those that must be both informative and minimalist. The perfect example of this is a “coming soon” page — it must entice and build interest, without getting drowned out by an overly elaborate presentation.

The best way to find a compromise between these goals is to take inspiration from others. Jacob Gube over at Six Revisions has put together a list, with screenshots, of various coming soon pages that do their job well… and not so well.

First, a site that does a good job: Listentothis. Here’s what it looks like.

Email sign-up, social media, a brief yet descriptive explanation and a demo image — all in a clean design.

Now for the not-so-good: Blackbox.

It’s just a nice image of satellites floating around a globe. Great — the problem is it’s easy to miss that you can actually scroll down for the rest of the site.

Even on my 1920 x 1200 screen, there’s enough whitespace below the lead image to make it unclear that there is more to see. What makes this odd is that Blackbox is from the same people behind Cards Against Humanity — a master class in minimalist design (both visually and the game itself). Seems strange they’d stuff up the design of a website.

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