How Bad Is The USA’s Gun Problem? [Infographic]

How Bad Is The USA’s Gun Problem? [Infographic]

It’s no secret that our US neighbours have a bit of a gun problem. But some parts of the country have experienced far more gun-related deaths and injuries than others. If you’re planning a trip to the US or are considering moving there for work, it might be a good idea to know the number of deaths in the area as well as where government representatives stand on the issue.

When it comes to gun policy, congressional leaders in the US have very mixed opinions. Some campaign for stricter gun controls, while others take a dogged “from-my-cold-dead-hands” stance. The Guardian has published an interactive map in conjunction with the Gun Violence Archive.

The map also includes facts on representative’s views on guns from each district, along with the total donations received (if any) from gun lobbyists. Here’s an example:

Even if you have no plans to visit the US or are unconcerned about potential shooting risks, the data still makes for fascinating reading. Click here to go to the map.

Gun deaths in your district: what have your elected representatives done? [The Guardian]


  • I wonder how this stacks up against each state’s avg IQ and standard of living. Are slums just slummin’?
    It’s no secret that low socio-economic areas have higher violence and other problems.

  • I’m imagining them looking at the same map but for Australia over there… “Look how bad the gun problem in Australia is – 80% of people unable to defend themselves against rogue governments, Canadians and traditional land owners…”

  • Why does one guy from Arkansas get all of the gun lobby money?
    Does he have a bigger gun or is the other guy a bigger asshole?

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