Don't Stuff Your Turkey, Put Cooked Stuffing In While The Turkey Rests

Don't Stuff Your Turkey, Put Cooked Stuffing in While the Turkey Rests

Alton Brown says stuffing is evil when it comes to turkey and offers an alternative method to save your Christmas dinner. Photo by Jim Bauer.

He explains that stuffing a turkey usually means overcooking it:

That's because stuffing goes into the middle of the bird and is extremely porous. That means as the turkey around it cooks, juices that may contain salmonella bacteria soak into the stuffing, which then must be cooked to a minimum of 165 degrees F [74C] in order to be safe.

The turkey will dry out. Instead, Brown recommends cooking your stuffing separately and then putting it in the turkey while the bird rests so it can collect those yummy juices.

If you still insist on stuffing the turkey, though, he has a recipe linked in the post below.

Stuffing Your Turkey: Just Don't Do It [Alton Brown]


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