Dick Smith’s HUGE 80%-Off Sale Kicks Off This Weekend: Here Are The Best Deals

Dick Smith’s HUGE 80%-Off Sale Kicks Off This Weekend: Here Are The Best Deals

Dick Smith is throwing a massive clearance sale this Saturday across all hardware categories — including 80% off big-ticket items. Yep, Christmas just came early. Here’s a look at what you can score on the cheap.

Earlier in the week, we learned that Dick Smith was throwing a “secret” weekend sale following a leak to the press. We asked the company for more details — specifically, what kind of savings customers can expect to find in store?

While Dick Smith could not share specific model names, they did give an overview of the discounts that will be available across all product categories. Here are the top deals that will be available this Saturday:

  • 40-60% off clearance lines across fitness, toys, GPS and printers
  • 30-70% off display and clearance line TVs
  • 60-70% off clearance line audio (headphones, home audio and speakers)
  • 30-60% off Samsung clearance smartphones
  • 40-60% off clearance Samsung tablets
  • 50-80% off ink clearance lines
  • 25-40% off Windows 8 computers (with the free upgrade to Windows 10)
  • 30-70% off display Blu-ray players and pvr clearance lines
  • Game clearance – games from $10 & 70% off clearance gaming accessories

As you can see, this isn’t a limp sale masquerading as something bigger — almost everything is up to 60 per cent off or better. Unfortunately, the deals are only available in store, so you will need to head down to your local Dick Smith on Saturday morning (the earlier the better.)

“Discounts will vary from store to store. As there is limited stock, discounts are not guaranteed and customers should act fast to get the best bargains,” a Dick Smith representative explained to Lifehacker.

Set your alarm, folks — we have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.


  • Hasn’t this sale been going on for the last 3 days?
    Or will they be restocking stores for tomorrow?

    • Given you can be sure they aren’t selling stuff at a loss, this gives you a good idea of dick smith’s regular rip off profit margins doesn’t it.

      • I suggest you have it wrong.

        ALL electrical retailers have HUGE mark-ups.

        It’s always up to you to negotiate the best deal for yourself. Generally, go to places like appliancesonline, or other online retailers, get their prices and hope to better that by at least 20%.

        The problem for Dick Smith is not their pricing – typically similar to JB or Harvey Norman, but they have a point of sale system that doesn’t properly track sales. Thus, they are overstocked.

      • Almost all of these things are being sold at a massive loss. This is basically happening because DS head office spent months refusing to discount older stock to clear it out (as somewhere like HN and JB do as a matter of course), and now they’re freaking out about inventory because of the share price.

      • The whole point of having a business is to make a profit. I have a business, I don’t do it for kicks and giggles. That is what is great about the internet, you can shop around for a better deal without leaving home.

    • yeah these sales have been available unadvertised and unticketed for the past week with different lines becoming active each day, ozbargain has been all over it and even then the available stock was super limited because its a clearance sale and because DSE staff are notorious for getting in first, the chances of anything good being left come the weekend is thin

  • almost everything is up to 60 per cent off or better
    This statement means almost everything is between 0% and 100% off. ‘Up to’ means less than. Better means more than. “Everything is less than 60% off or more than 60% off. ” Thanks for that.

  • Just called a store.
    They have a sale on now (Mammoth Sale)
    but – “Apparently we have a bigger one tomorrow (Saturday), but no one has told the stores anything. So this should be interesting”.

    • Yep, going through Dick Smiths Facebook comments it appears quite a few stores knew nothing about this sale.

  • “As you can see, this isn’t a limp [Dick Smith] sale.”

    …I see what you did there.

  • “Clearance Lines” “Clearance Lines” “Clearance Lines” “Clearance Lines” “Clearance Lines”
    So this means nothing that’s current?

  • Just got back from the Emporium store in Melbourne, and all I can say is “very underwhelming”. They had a few clearance buckets down the middle of store, but they contained nothing but clearance items. Very disappointing trip for nothing but hype. I’m guessing all the whooha is just a massive marketing ploy to get people in, but unless you give people current stock, the who’s gonna buy? Dick Smith have always sold over priced previous year stock.

  • A list of discounts on display and clearance lines is not a % off sale on almost everything.

  • Guys read it properly. The china products with no brand name will get more discount! In reality still these guys might have making enough profile even after the so called Discount. Anyhow good luck guys who are going to “Q” there .

  • I’ve just called the merrylands & wether ill park stores and they have no idea of the special coming up for tommorow. The higher ups haven’t rellaid the clearance special to its staff members

  • Also it should come as a surprise to approximately nobody that LH is saying “OMGWTFAWESOME”, given that half the content on LH/Giz is paid DS advertisements.

  • I don’t think you’re too well informed. They are grossly overstocked and these prices represent a company in deep trouble. To sell at half price in this industry is to be losing 10 to 20%. Let alone discounts of 60 and 70%. Pointless comments like yours never add anything to an intelligent debate.

  • Went down to the “sale”. Clearance prices are still significantly higher than JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, and online. E.g. TVs down from $1900 to $1300 but easily available for $1200 elsewhere. Laptop prices almost competitive but all low-end hardware. 90% of stock is not discounted at all. Things like HDMI cables are 3-for-1 and still not worth it because who pays $50 for a standard 3m HDMI cable?

    Complete waste of time.

  • Just walked in 9:10am, sorry we sold all clearance and display tvs on Wednesday! What a joke so much for a Saturday sale

  • It’s a con!! Went there today for possibly a new home phone with extra handset. Advertised at store as up to 60% off. All Uniden sets at no more than 5% off, Phillips 10% off and Chinese branded sets at ~50%. Some were used sets that had problems with previous purchasers. Cheaper at Big W by 30% or more 50 metres away at shopping centre.

  • Most PC/Laptop extras (eg. mouses) at regular prices. $30 for a Dick Smith named mouse. $40 got you a options mouses with extra buttons from HP or similar.

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