Customise Chat Boxes In Facebook Messenger

Customise Chat Boxes In Facebook Messenger

Facebook has rolled out some new features for its Messenger mobile app ahead of Christmas including the ability to customise individual chat boxes. Here are the details.

There are a lot of other instant messenger apps on the market that allow for funky emoji and customisability that users value. Facebook doesn’t want to be left behind and has brought in the ability for users to change the colours and emoji for each conversation chat box. You can now also assign friends with nicknames in Messenger.

For iOS Messenger users, you can tap on the names of friends at the top of conversations to begin customising the chat boxes. As for Android, tap the info button in the top right of the chat boxes to change the colour, emoji and give nicknames to each friend. When you make a change, the people you’re talking to will see what updates you have selected.

Facebook has also brought back the “snow globe” animation effect for chat boxes for (Android only) and expanded the capabilities of the Photo Magic feature. The latter can now recognise faces in photos that you take with your phone and automatically prompt you to send it to friends in the picture in a private chat box in Messenger. Kind of creepy but some people who always forget to send their friends’ photos to them may find it useful.

[Via Facebook News]