Ask LH: How Can I Hack Into My Cheating Husband's Phone?

Dear Lifehacker, How can I hack into my husband's phone? He keeps putting a pattern lock on it. I think he's messing around! Please help! Thanks, Suspicious Spouse

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Dear SS,

Obligatory disclaimer: accessing someone's personal information without their permission is an invasion of their privacy and in some circumstances is against the law. We strongly advise against it.

If you suspect your spouse is cheating on you, try talking to them about it — the key is to steer the conversation into a productive discussion instead of an argument. If that doesn't work, here are some sneaky tricks that law-abiding citizens would do well to avoid.

Phone locks are difficult to break by design; especially for someone with zero hacking experience. With that said, there are still a few tactics you can employ that require little technical know-how.

For example, try feeding him greasy finger-food such as KFC. If your husband is like most guys, he'll probably use his phone before washing his hands. This will leave behind a tell-tale oil stain that precisely matches the pattern to unlock his phone.

If he's a Facebook user, try opening the website on his laptop when he isn't around. He probably doesn't log off every time he uses the service, which means you won't need his password. Check his chat history to see if there's any incriminating evidence. You might even get "lucky" and receive an instant message from the other woman while you're on there.

If he's cheating with randoms, there's a high probably that he's using the mobile dating app Tinder. It's possible to find out via this simple Facebook hack. It won't be concrete evidence, but it's better than nothing.

Naturally, if you're going to engage in this nefarious behaviour (don't do it!) you'll probably want to cover your tracks. This guide explains how to snoop on someone's phone or computer while remaining undetected. As with Evil Week, this information is not an endorsement to commit crimes. Use at your own risk!

Cheers Lifehacker

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    If you are wanting to, and willing to, break into his phone, I think you have already acknowledged that the relationship is basically over. You have lost trust in your partner, either through his actions or yours, so I think it is time to have a talk, rather than skulking around.

    What a bitch. He puts a lock on his phone and you automatically assume he is cheating on you. I hope he is cheating on you and leaves you.

      yup, your name says it all.

    Dishonesty begets dishonesty. Don't hack the phone.

    If the guy's done nothing wrong, all you've done is violate his privacy and given him cause to question your honesty.

    Shoe on the other foot - how would you feel if you found out he'd hacked your phone for the same reasons, particularly if you were innocent, instead of talking to you about it?

    He's not cheating, He was at mine playing video games all night......

    have the talk, tell him to be honest, try to keep your cool and try not to accuse.
    use terms like 'i feel....' this makes it hard for him to feel like you are attacking him and he will probably feel more comfortable in coming out to you.
    unfortunately, if he is a true bastard and denies it to your face, then you you are going to have to make a gut call.
    also if he is cheating, walk away no matter how much it might hurt you to do so. stick up for yourself by doing whats best for your emotional and mental and physical health.

      Finally some sound advice. Thanks skinja it appears LH readers are quick to judge and be offensive to someone who appears to already know what is going on and just needs proof. All the best SS!

    If it is the one in the stock photo, don't worry hun, it's not your fault; he's just on Grindr :P

    Absolutely agree with poita and skinja - SS seems to have failed to identify the real problem (I think he's messing around), and the proposed solution (hack his phone) is even worse.

    ...that said, given we are talking about phones and privacy - it may be useful to raise this here:
    It may surprise some people how much information can be available from a locked phone.
    My iPhone is locked, and I can see:
    - all my appointments for the day, plus location details
    - first 2 lines of my 3 most recent evernote posts
    - subject, sender and first 2-3 lines of my 5 most recent emails
    - sender and content of any recent unread SMS messages
    - recent activity on a huge range of apps, including social media apps.
    - the last 5 app updates (which give an insight as to what apps are installed on the phone)

    I've successfully used the screens of a locked phone to figure out who left their phone in our meeting room at work - so this type of 'hacking' can be used for good as well as evil.

    If privacy is important to you (hopefully, not because of infidelity), I encourage you to check out what's available from your locked phone screens, and update your privacy and notifications settings to what you are comfortable with.

      All of which shows why Android is better than iPhone. Txt comes in on locked phone and all I see is who it is from and first few words. Far less likely to see anything remotely incriminating.

      But SS really needs to have a non-confrontational conversation with her husband. If he is cheating then she needs to decide if she can forgive him and what steps they both will take to try to ensure it doesn't happen again. Infidelity can arise for a whole host of reasons. Maybe he is being harassed at work and feels he can't talk to you about it. And he needs to blow off steam. Could "possibly" be a reason for it happening, if indeed it is.

      In my country, hacking into someone else's phone is a criminal offense no matter who does it apart from law enforcement or via a court order.

    Well, the good news is that the trust is dead.

    Oh, wait.

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