Ask LH: Are My Old Star Wars Toys Worth A Fortune?

Dear Lifehacker, with everyone going ga-ga for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I'm thinking now is probably the best time to sell off my old Star Wars junk. I have around 100 figures and a few vehicles in my collection. A few of the toys date back to the original Kenner line, although most are from the Prequel era (no Jar Jar, thankfully!) I was wondering what the best way to sell them would be? Should I stick the lot on eBay, sell them individually or approach a reseller? Also, any idea how much money I should be looking at? May the Force be with you! Sith Dad

Photo: Flickr, JD Hancock

Dear SD,

Without knowing any of the specific toys you own, it's impossible for me to guess how much your collection is worth. Prices for individual Star Wars figures can range from starting bids of $18,000 to a few bucks if the buyer is feeling generous.

Regardless of how rare your figures are, there are a few factors that can drastically alter their value. Start off by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Is it boxed? 2. Is it in mint condition?

If the answer to both of these questions is no, the toy probably isn't worth anything. Toy collectors are highly discerning customers who are only interested in the best. (This can get ridiculous, with some buyers stipulating that the little hole on the box can't be punched out.)

There are a few exceptions to this rule — the fabled Rocket-Firing Boba Fett will net you thousands of dollars even if it's tatty — but for the most part, they need to look brand new and preferably still be enclosed in the blister pack.

If you failed to keep your toys in mint condition, I feel your pain. When I was a kid, my parents and grandparents both bought me the same Mos Eisley Cantina play set by accident. Like an idiot, despite having duplicates, I decided to open them both. It turns out that the Mos Eisley Cantina play set is one of the most valuable on the collectors' market — but only when boxed. To quote a certain whiny Sith Lord: "Nooooooooo!"

If your figures are still in decent nick, search around online to see what they regularly go for. If you have any rare items in your collection, my advice is to sell these separately — a collector is less likely to spend big money if he also has to buy a bunch of crap he doesn't want and pay shipping on large parcels.

Cheers Lifehacker

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    What rocket boba fett toy? Please provide more information about this fable toy which I have a 12inch boba fett and the little toy boba fett that were passed down to me by my older brother

      This guy:

      The rocket-firing Bobba Fett was a prototype that had a slot in the back to shoot plastic rockets. It was never officially released to the pubic due to choking concerns. You probably have the normal mass-produced version. Soz.

        You wouldn't know how much a near mint (with all parts but the string for the rocket it was more of a hook really that boba can travel along) 12inch (I think he is) figure might go for do you?

          Is it this one?

          I think unboxed versions usually sell for around $50-$100.

            Yep that's the one. I would have thought it sold for more but oh well. Can't retire just yet, I'll have to keep working

    Two Mos Eisley Cantinas isn't even canon.

    Are the ones from the last lot of movies worth anything or is it mainly the original series?

      The most valuable figures are all from the original series:

        Holy crap I used to have the old school figures with the telescopic sabers.

          Me too :-(

          I remember Ronnies was selling them for 50 cents each at one point.

        Poor Vaders red saber is looking a bit umm flaccid :P

        I still have a Blue Snaggletooth, but still not enough for retirement.

      I not only found some stores still selling initial run Ep 1 figurines (with ComTech chips) I found that whilst there are some rare fault-runs that are worth a few hundred - typically these arent worth more than what you paid for them.

    Just glad I still have my Han Solo blaster from 1977 (still working). That thing takes pride of place in my day I'll pass this blaster onto my son, that will be a great day.

    Gave a fifty litre tub of original starwars toys to my very young cousins who were not even born before phantom menace. They have been very happy for the last year.

    Any chance we can do a kickstarter for the design and construction of real tie fighters? Soyuz capsule, hexagonal solar arrays, ion engine, it's docking hub.

    I have heard that if you have Turkish knockoffs of the original toys, they are worth more than the actual original toys even when not in mint condition. Some of these apparently worth a fortune

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