A Playlist Of The Worst Christmas Songs Ever

You're welcome.

Business Insider Australia has a pretty good collection of actually quite good Christmas songs titled, 'The Christmas Playlist The Saves You From Mariah'.

All good choices, but then I thought — what if I want to torture people? What if I want people to writhe in physical cringe at terrible, terrible Christmas songs? What if I want to inflict pain on people?

So I decided to make my own playlist. A playlist filled with the absolute worst Christmas songs I could find.

You can find it on Spotify here.

Just for the sake of it, I'm going to put a sample of what you're getting below, in YouTube form.

Again: you're welcome.

Lady Gaga: Christmas Tree

Korn: Jingle Balls

Jingle Cats: Silent Night

Bucko & Champs: Aussie Jingle Bells

New Kids On The Block: Funky Funky Christmas

Alvin & The Chipmunks: All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Alternatively you could check out this playlist from Lifehacker writer Hayley Williams. It's 44 different versions of All I Want For Christmas Is You.


    Twister Sister have an entire album dedicated to Christmas songs - A Twisted Christmas. Its not as bad as you think.

    But their version of White Christmas should make this list.

    Nothing from "Christmas in the Stars: The Star Wars Christmas Album"? It's like you're not even trying... ?

    You're a horrible, horrible man, Mark. I couldn't last more than 30 seconds of each song. Wonderful Christmastime was always a treasured favourite (I hate it with a passion), but now you've given me many more to hate. If I find myself with any of these songs stuck in my head, you better watch out and you better not cry because retribution will be coming for you.

    One suggestion though - the first song is just the instrumental version. You'd be better off going with the original Justin and Mariah tune. Their voices are.....magic.

    Lady Gaga? You win Serrels, I think I'd rather have Rudolph bite off my testicles.

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