Would You Move Someone Else’s Motorcycle?

Would You Move Someone Else’s Motorcycle?

Motorcycles and scooters are becoming increasingly popular and one of the reasons is they’re easy to park. More designated motorcycle parking spots have cropped up around metropolitan areas but some riders will still try to fit their vehicles into any nook they can find (never mind the legalities around that). But if a motorcycle or scooter parks you in, is it okay to move it?

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I’ve seen cars being wedged between two motorcycles, parked so tightly in that there was no way it would be able to get out of the space without knocking one of the bikes over. There are also times when I use one of the Motorcycle Only parking bays and another bike has parked so close to me that I’m unable to leave.

I generally wait for someone to come back and move their vehicle, however frustrating that may be. Sure, I could shift the offending bike into neutral, roll it forward, move my motorcycle out and then wheel the other one back in again. But my belief is you shouldn’t move someone else’s motorbike without their express permission.

I remember how mortified I was when I found out that my neighbours had lifted (yes, lifted) up my motorcycle and moved it out of the way because they wanted to use my back gate. Not once, not twice, but three times. I know that motorcycles are built to be robust and durable, but I couldn’t shake off the feeling of discomfort when I found about it.

Admittedly, I’m a bit precious about my motorcycle, but I’m curious about how other people feel about this issue. Are you a frustrated car driver sick of being parked in? Would you not hesitate to move somebody else’s motorcycle when they’re in the way of your own? Let us know in the comments.


    • Exactly. The answer to this question is: Only if you have a death-wish.

      Put it this way, if you came out of your office to find a prestigious car with its windows down and keys in the ignition parking you in, would you jump in and move it forward so you can get out?

      • My wife’s business has limited client parking and I have a standing offer with them to come and drag out any vehicle in that spot which isn’t there on business. I don’t care what sort of car it is either, would probably have more fun the more expensive it is.

  • I don’t think it’s ok, but if they park it somewhere freaking stupid then moving it should be ok – either with your bumper or with your hands – what else are they expecting if they block you in.

    Moving your bike to use your gate is a definite no-no. Ask if you can use my gate, and I’ll move my freaking bike!

    • The problem is most people who pull bonehead moves on bikes are oblivious to their actions. They do something ridiculous and then get outraged at you for not working around it. Most of the mid-life crisis guys are either too caught up in a fantasy or too scared to actually think their actions through. You’ll never convince the guy who parked in the most ridiculous place possible that he was so far in the wrong that you had no choice but to move his bike. All he’s going to see is some psycho touching his precious toy.

  • I’m a motorcyclist, and I’m very precious about my motorcycle…. most of us are… the only time I’m parking really close to a car is when I’m meeting my wife or other friends/family and we share the same parking spot for convenience (I actually do this a lot), in these cases I’m nearly touching one of their cars, point being: Things may not always be as they seem.

  • Nope. Just no.
    The potential to cause damage is way too high. Even if I was riding a lighter bike that could be moved easily, I would hate to have someone else do it unless I gave them permission, so I treat others the same way.

  • I haven’t had a bike for awhile now, but I can tell you that if I caught someone moving my bike, there would be hell to pay. They could accidentally drop it, or put it in a place that was not suited, either way, just don’t touch my freak’n bike, MmmKaay.

  • Does anyone come across this in Vic? Being able to park on the footpath means we are out of the way of cars.

      • Yes, it’s great. Every so often someone challenges it in the media and the motorcyclists shrug and say “OK, we’ll just park in the car spots then”.

        • I know I love this especially during Christmas time. Bugger fighting to find a park at that time of year.

          So long as it’s not stopping pedestrians, wheel chairs, prams etc… then it shouldn’t be a problem.

  • I live in a street where there are a minimum of 20 bikes at any one time. parking is at a premium with only approx 20 spaces on the street. Most riders are good and cluster them in the same place, but there are a few who squeeze them between two cars. What often happens is that one car makes it out, another bike joins the first and suddenly a car space is gone for 2 bikes.
    Maybe we should have “Cars only” spaces on some streets where separating might save some headaches?

    • Where I live has a massive amount of onstreet parking so its not really an issue, but I’ve thought similar in the past. Always thought that the first couple of meters nearest a corner would be a simple spot, then a disabled spot next to that.

      If there are no bikes, which would happen, it gives that extra little bit of space some disabled drivers need.

    • If the rest of Australia followed Victoria’s law that allowed bikes to be parked on the footpath (in places where they do not obstruct the flow of pedestrian traffic) – this wouldn’t be an issue.

      • would never happen in our nanny state of WA. Then again we have decent amount of MC parking spots around town and not too many riders.

      • The paths in Melbourne are VERY wide compared to a lot of other major cities. I couldn’t see this working in Sydney for example.

    • How is it that you think you personally have more right than two other people to park in that same spot? If you’re not the first to get it, too bad. Bike’s have to park legally too.

  • The only time that I would not have an issue with someone moving my bike is if they were protecting it from possible danger. A recent example: council worker was digging up the road beside where I parked (stupidly) and he lifted the back of my 500cc bike up and shuffled it a bit further away from the work site so that the machinery wouldn’t hit it. He left a note to that effect and apologised for the inconvenience.

    • Would that be the same if someone had to move it because you parked it too close to their car, and they wouldn’t be able to get out without knocking it over?

      Not that you would do that sort of thing, but let’s say that you accidentally did…

  • Nope nope nope. I would hate someone else moving my bike even with my knowledge and consent. Treat them like cars. Just because you can move them doesn’t mean you should.

  • My initial reaction – was are you crazy. Never move someone else’s bike. But Byatch’s example made me think a little more. I would be more comfortable with another motorcyclist moving my bike because I had parked them in. Less so for a scooter rider and horrified for car driver, passenger or pedestrian moving it. Still makes me uncomfortable regardless but in varying degrees depending how did it.

  • Sure, I could shift the offending bike into neutral, roll it forward, move my motorcycle out and then wheel the other one back in again.
    Between handlebar locks and brake disc locks that may not be easy.

    A friend of mine accidentally knocked over someone’s bike who was not only parked on top of his, but off-balance. Simply sitting on his own bike and having his handle bar gently nudge the other, was enough to topple it.

  • if someones bike was blocking my car…. yes

    If they didn’t want it moved then they should have parked it properly.
    Only wish I could do the same with a car. (well besides ramming it or breaking in and hotwireing it)

  • I’d probably deck someone with my helmet if I caught them in the act, unless it was a genuine/obvious act of kindness (heard of one guy having workmen move his bike because they were grinding concrete and didn’t want to ruin his paint). However I wouldn’t park someone in, I’d rather take an entire car spot than park awkwardly and potentially park someone in / leave my bike somewhere it could be hit. Most people can’t parallel park at the best of times.

    Worse still are the scumbag parents who let their kids jump all over parked bikes without seeing a problem. I bet they wouldn’t be so forthcoming with their details and feel financially responsible if their kids knocked it over.

    Thankfully my alarm is louder than any car alarm I’ve heard.

  • If they had parked me in, I would kick that bike over and drive straight over the top of it. If I was to blame, I would wait for the owner to move it.

    • Quite a narrow minded statement don’t you think?

      I’m one of many riders who only own a motorcycle as it is a great way to commute/travel, a lot of fun and significantly cheaper to run than a car. Now, regardless of whether they have parked you in or not, I believe you to be nothing more than an elite seal team 6 keyboard commando with a selfless attitude. Riding every day, I encounter at least 20 vehicles in my 17 minute commute that fail to indicate, fail to give way and generally do everything they can to endanger my life. In my many years of riding, I’ve not once stopped, pulled them out of their vehicle and throat punched them for their inconsideration. Yet you, wronged by the two wheeled scourge that make your life just so miserable, feel it justified to wilfully damage another persons pride and joy because you feel some heightened sense of entitlement? Here’s some advice. You have no idea who owns that bike/is beneath that helmet. There’s some pretty dangerous and scary cats in this world. Make it your lifelong mission to understand the true meaning of the motorcycle owners oath – you never touch another mans bike. Believe me, it’s biblical. And the punishment for an unjustified touching of said bike, is often summed up as archaic and a little old testament. Doesn’t take much to be a considerate human being, even when that consideration isn’t mutual. Granted, some people are assholes. Don’t sink to that level, it’s hard to find what I consider worthwhile users of precious oxygen that we have on this earth.

      In summary, go back to your juice box kiddo. The grown ups want to talk reality now.

      • A typical holier than thou rider post. Not once have I ever heard of a rider, both motorcycle or bicycle, admit any fault of their own. How about you get off your high horse for once and park the bike where you are supposed to? Luckily I have not sworn said “Riders Oath” and stand by my original statement.

  • The worlds full of bunch of wank*rs. Mate, you do not ride to be a bikies, and not even trying to have the privilege to feel so. Comes to a situation, if they know what they are doing, I am more than welcome if someone needed to (many times before) moved my bike as it blocked the way. Again, be mindful where you park, dont bum kiss a car bumper, give it a good 0.6-0.7 meter so they could get away with their parking without having knock your toy over. Its a road we share, and whom again saying “you dont move car, you dont move bike” is an utterly idiot.

  • Hello everyone, I need your help!! Most times when I park my scooter around my mum’s house someone LIFTS IT and moves it a good 10ft. I don’t know what to do anymore am I right in saying that if someone moves my scooter even 10ft away that is theft as such. I am now thinking of going to the police and find CCTV. Am I doing the right thing?

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