Why Did You Cut Pay TV?

Why Did You Cut Pay TV?

Cutting Pay TV has never been easier or more popular than it is now. There are tons of good reasons to stop your subscription: fewer ads, an easier experience, or maybe it’s just cheaper. What’s yours? Photo by Mr.TinDC.

There are plenty of people (myself included) who no longer pay for Pay TV. So, what’s your reason? Is it cheaper for you to just watch stuff on Netflix? Were you tired of ads and DVRs? Or do you just like picking which services to pay for?


  • I’ve never had pay TV. There was always something to watch on FTA in the 90s and early to mid 00s, then I got good enough internet to watch what I want when I want.

  • Why Did You Cut Pay TV?
    Hmm, let me think, Ah yes, too much repetition, too many ads that I was actually paying to watch, too many crap channels that never got watched, no way to choose what you want without exorbitant extra cost, Just too damned expensive!

  • I cancelled because it wasnt worth the money. Pay TV was founded on the idea that you got TV in the basic package, and movies in an addon package. At some point, the stuff people wanted was hidden behind those paywalls, at which point it could easily cost $50/month to see one show.

    In the end, I ended up just having it for sport, and background music, and the background music could be replicated with Spotify. Wasnt worth the $80 I was paying to get basic, sport, and sci fi.

  • Got it cut a long time ago and never looked back. You are paying to watch television and not endless ads that are doing what you are doing…paying. The only thing that kept me on it for so long was the live sports that free TV failed to do and in doing so failed the public

  • I cancelled years ago now and never looked back. For me the thing that tipped me over the edge was their customer service. I was with Austar and need to have my service suspended for a couple of months because of going away. When I rang to do that the person told me I couldn’t put it on hold for that long and made the comment “well there’s nothing you can do about it” to which I responded “yes there is” and cancelled the service

  • As many people have said, ad’s, repetition of content, premium content being exorbitant, not being able to tailor a channel package to my needs, finding a cheaper service (Netflix + VPN), and finally Pirating anything that was unavailable by other means.

  • Too expensive, too repetitive, too much crap. Can’t pay for just the content you want.
    Killed it and free to air TV several years ago. Now happy with AppleTV, Netflix, and Channel BT.

  • Mostly funeral ads. Obnoxiously played on Foxtel at the time every 10 freaking minutes.

    In the end it got so bad I decided I didn’t want to pay $119 a month to be bombarded with Funeral Ads and left for Channel BT until Netflix.

    Doing the calculations, 2 years, 3 hours a day added up to about 30 hours of Funeral Ads I have not needed to watch one simple act, kicking Foxtel out of my home.

  • There are a lot of reasons why I personally cut it (A LONG time ago)

    When it first came out there were no adverts, now its just as bad as commercial TV. Why in earths name should I need to be paying for it if its already being paid for?
    Mr Murdoch – I dont want to be helping that evil SOAB in anything he does. The more I can contribute to reducing his fortune, the better
    The cost – With all those commercials, they still hit you up for an astronomical fee. Its not sustainable and again with the Murdoch support
    Lack of flexiblity – Ive always been a media centre guy, and to get Foxtel working with MCE you had to mess around with analog capture cards and never got a great output from it. If they released a cable card, I may have entertained the fact for a while, but again, Murdoch
    Content – It was old and late. The fact customers could never just pay for what they wanted always gave me the heebee jeebies. True flexibility shows compromise, and thats not something Foxtel are willing to do
    And the bottom line is this: I dont live in a area that boasts great broadband. I average around 4MB D/L and 1 UP. But for the cost of cable, I can still purchase a 2nd internet link with unlimited quota, smash it 24×7, get all the content I need (commercial free) and still have enough change to fund my primary internet link.

  • Havent had Foxtel in over 10 years. I still don’t understand why my GF has it and still pays for it when we mostly only watch Netflix.

  • Unfortunately I have not found a way around live sports… hence the need for Foxsports… particularly when it comes to rugby union. Free streaming is dodgy quality and lags… and paid online sports channels are not much better quality wise and pretty darn expensive for the ‘real’ sites… any suggestions?

  • I’ve never had it personally (folks had it back at thier place). But I do have it now in a sense with Fetch but thats through a bundle and isnt typically like Foxtel I suppose. Otherwise I wouldnt bother getting it standalone; always thought it was a complete rip off.

  • We had Foxtel for about 5 years when it suddenly stopped working. After 10+ calls and at least four visits (two of which they didn’t bring a ladder for, despite being told they would need one), the problem was still not fixed AND they refused to credit our account for the 6ish weeks that we hadn’t received service.

    Got Netflix, never looked back.

  • I dropped Foxtel years ago, and now pay for Netflix.

    So I am still “paying” for TV, just not the stupid price Foxtel charges.

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