What Is Your Best Affordable Gift Idea?

What Is Your Best Affordable Gift Idea?

Buying gifts can wreak havoc on your holiday budget, but having a list of inexpensive present ideas stops you from overspending. What are your best affordable gift ideas?

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The start of the holiday season also means the start of buying gifts for coworkers, friends, and family. Maybe you have a checklist you use to track who you’ve already gotten gifts for. Maybe you’re the master of stylish, DIY gifts. Whatever you’ve done in the past, share your ideas in the discussion below. Make sure to include: what the gift is, roughly how much it costs, and any special instructions or materials others may need to recreate it.


  • The cheapest gift is none at all. We haven’t done gifts for years meaning we no longer have to participate in the horrid consumer behaviour in the two months leading up to Christmas.

  • Learn a biscuit recipe, practice it, tweak it and get damn good at it. Make the best ever shortbread / choc chips or whatever and nail down the timing and technique. (Tip: look for a melting moment recipe with custard powder in it, they rock) Try not to use cream etc its best if they keep for at least a week.
    Buy some op-shop serving dishes, vases and the like, or get some baskets or something, something that will be useful afterward but not too expensive, or something quirky for each person why can use like a flower pot or whatever. Bear in mind the volume, you don’t wanna be giving the person 60 biscuits.
    Spend day baking, it’s pretty efficient once you get a production line going.
    Get your kids involved in the presentation and wrapping.
    Cost: a day or two, and about $5 per person.
    If you’re wealthy it shows you’ve taken some time out to do something personally for people rather than throw your disposble cash about, they appreciate it.
    If you’re poor it shows you’ve not spent your limited money on crap.

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