The White Vinyl Desktop

The White Vinyl Desktop

We’ve seen some great desktops around records and record players, but I love this one because I have the same wallpaper. I don’t have the same widgets that Ben K has though, although I may correct that shortly. Here’s how he set everything up.

Ben’s running this on a Mac, if you can’t tell, with a good dose of Übersicht customised for the dark and light spots of the wallpaper. If you want the same look or feel, here’s what you’ll need:

Quick and dirty, although you’ll need to do a little tweaking and moving the widgets around to get everything looking exactly the same. If you have questions, or just like what Ben did here, make sure to head to his Kinja blog (linked below) to let him know what you think!

Vinyl + Text Desktop (Mac) [Ben K]

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